What is a bubble mask and what does it do for your skin?


Bubble masks are also called cleansing masks which foams and form bubbles through a special oxygenation process. These bubbles help in removing the impurities and dirt from the face and bring a glow to the face. Bubble masks are available in the form of creams, sheet masks and clay masks which contain foam which form bubbles, collagen supplements and hydrating ingredients.

How a bubbling face masks work


A bubbling face mask uses pressurized oxygen and foaming agents to form the bubbles which helps in unclogging the pesky pores, exfoliating the skin, and removes excess oil and blackheads. They also transport nutrients deep in the skin. Oxygen also helps in cell regeneration. Oxygen also stimulates the production of collagen to make the skin look supple and plump.

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A bubble mask contains perfluorocarbons which helps in dissolving oxygen. Oxygen is pumped into the product under deep pressure. The mask is preserved inside a pressurized parcel. Once the mask is taken out and pressed with fingers on the skin, you will notice the pressurized oxygen is forming bubbles. Therefore bubble masks are a reasonable alternative to oxygen facials which pump nutrients and antioxidants into the skin.

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Benefits of using a bubble mask?


A bubble mask exfoliates and cleanses your skin and also improves cell rejuvenation and circulation.  It is a safe way to deliver hydration and nutrients into the skin. Following are the benefits of using bubble mask:

It removes makeup and gently scrubs face

It unclogs the pores of skin

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It clears and removes excess sebum

It helps in treating the acne

It clears blackheads

It moisturizes and hydrates skin

It reduces the acne scars

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How a Bubble Mask should be used?

1. Cleanse Skin


Clean the face thoroughly with the help of a gentle cleanser, and then use warm water to wash the face so that the pores inside the face open up. Now pat your skin dry.

2. Apply the face mask


Take out the mask and put it gently on your face. Now leave it for 10 to 15 minutes

If you are using the face mask in the cream form, always wash hands and dig out the product. Use the spatula to spread the face mask evenly on the face. Avoid areas around nostrils, eyes, and mouth. Do not apply it very close to the hairline. Now leave it undisturbed for the specified duration of time.

3. Wait for the bubbles formation


You will further notice that the mask will start bubbling. Now let it stay for the specified time by the brand and do not leave it for more than 20 minutes of time since it can dry the skin.

4. Remove the face mask


Now remove the mask after the specified duration. And gently massage the product in your skin to further clean the remaining impurities. Then Wash off face with warm water.

5. Seal with a Moisturizer or serum


Apply a serum to keep your skin supple and soft and finish it with a moisturizer.

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