What is Water Fasting: Benefits and Side Effects


Fasting is called an age-old process which helps in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul. Water fasting is a kind of fasting where only drinking of water is required. It helps in reducing the blood pressure and oxidative stress and helps in weight loss.

Who should do water fasting?

You can do fasting of water fasting if:

Being asked by a doctor.

Boosting the immunity.

If a person is overweight.

If a person is on a supervised fasting program.

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Benefits of doing Water Fasting

Promotes the Autophagy


Autophagy is the process of eliminating the body waste produced by the use of cell degradation which is not required by the body. It is generally a clean-up process for the body.

Water fasting done once or twice in a week helps in cleaning the abnormal cells from the body.

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It lowers the blood pressure


Drinking more amounts of water and cutting down the consumption of salt is a common way of lowering the blood pressure. Water fasting for a longer duration of time helps in managing the blood pressure.

A research conducted by the American scientists further found that out of 68 people who are suffering from borderline hypertension, only 82% of people have got a reduced blood pressure after undergoing the clinical water fasting under the medical supervision.

Dangers of doing the water fasting

Brings the Unhealthy Weight Loss


Water fasting done for 24-48 hours helps people lose nearly 2 kg of weight. This weight loss is not generally a fat loss but the loss of carbohydrates, water weight, and muscle. It is also an unhealthy weight loss and it is not a sustainable approach since no food is allowable, apart from that for water.

It brings the nutrient deficiencies


Water fasting done for even 3 days causes nutrient deficiencies since the person will only be drinking water.