Benefits of Applying Neem Oil on Hair


Neem oil is obtained by the extraction of neem fruits that are grown majorly in India. It is also called a wonder plant since it is even used in medicines across the entire world due to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. Neem has antimalarial, antibacterial, antifungal properties and it is considered beneficial oil for skin and hair. It also acts as a healing agent for wounds and cuts. Neem oil also contains the super active ingredient nimbidin.

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Neem oil benefits for hair

Neem oil is very rich in vitamin E , fatty acids and calcium. You can apply neem oil in diluted form and leave it undisturbed for 30 minutes before washing hair with a normal shampoo. You can also apply diluted neem oil twice in a week for 1-2 hours. Leaving it on hair overnight leads to itching and irritation. Here are the benefits of applying neem oil on hair:

1. Removes head lice

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It is always believed that neem oil can kill adult lice in 10-15 minutes of treatment. It actually happens due to the presence of Azadirachtin which makes it difficult for lice to lay eggs and grow by interfering with their hormones. It also kills the larvae which are already present in hair. Regular use of neem oil for weeks can help in eliminating the lice entirely from hair scalp.

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2. Lowers dandruff


Neem oil owing to its antifungal properties prevents the buildup of yeast on the scalp, which actually results in hair dandruff. It also contains ingredients like nimbidin which helps to remove the irritation and inflammation caused due to dandruff. So, you can always apply this oil to fight this kind of common hair care problem.

3. It acts as a natural conditioner


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Another benefit of putting neem oil in hair is that it always acts as a natural conditioner. Neem oil is rich in fatty acids  and Vitamin E which conditions the keratin in hair strands. Applying the warm neem oil on the scalp helps in transferring all nutrients directly on hair scalp.

4. Enhances hair growth


Applying neem oil on the scalp promotes healthier scalp which improves the overall health of hair. Nourished scalp results in healthier and faster hair growth. Therefore, this oil can be used to promote hair growth. Neem oil is not considered as an active ingredient in the beauty care routine but on the other hand is extremely beneficial in treating hair conditions  and scalp.

5. It prevents the premature grating of hair


Neem oil stops the premature hair greying by providing proper nutrition. In case of hormonal issues it slows down the graying process. Neem oil doesn’t have much effect on hair graying due to age.

So, these are the benefits of applying neem oil on hair. Diluted neem oil is considered very safe to apply externally in the hair and skin. However, people with sensitive skin are always at a risk of getting irritation and itchiness.

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