Is Olive Oil Good For Dry Hair?


Oiling the hair helps in healing the hair issues. It is the best technique to moisturize the hair, while the scalp massage helps in stimulating the follicles of hair follicles. You can easily massage the hair and scalp with any oil. However, for the dry hair, olive oil is the best remedy.

Is Olive Oil excellent for Hair?

Yes. Olive oil is very good for hair as it leaves a thin film on the strands of hair to reduce friction. It improves the health and shine of your hair and controls frizz. Olive oil is highly favored for its emollient property and it is used for topical application.

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Benefits of using Olive Oil for Hair: and how does It Works?

1. It is used for hydrating Dry Hair


Olive oil has emollient properties and it is an excellent hair conditioner. It can minimize frizz, keep the hair hydrated, and improve its smoothness and softness.

2. It promotes the growth of Hair


Olive oil also contains oleuropein. Animal studies have further proved that topical application of oleuropein regulates the growth phase of anagen in hair and it promotes the growth of hair.

3. It prevents the damage of Hair


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Damaged and dry hair is very brittle and it is prone to break with split ends. The emollient properties of olive oil minimize the issues and help in retaining the length of hair.

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4. It prevents the Oxidative Damage


Phenolic compounds and Oleuropein compounds in olive oil are scavengers of free radicals. The reactive species of oxygen cause premature graying of hair and are responsible for oxidative stress.

The Harmful Effects of Using Olive Oil for treating the Hair

Pure and Unrefined olive oil may cause:

Allergic Reactions: therefore a patch test is mandatory before using it.

Clogged Skin: Olive oil is very heavy, and if it is rubbed off on the forehead it further blocks the pores, and may cause breakouts.

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