Want To Have Thicker Eyebrows? 5 Best Ingredients You Can Use


Eyebrows are one of most noticeable parts of your face. Thick eyebrows are perfect with any kind of the makeup. Everyone wants to have thick eyebrows. Some people have thin eyebrows, and look for remedies to make it thicker.

Here are some of the best ingredients you can try for thick eyebrows.

1. Castor oil


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This is an old and effective ingredient for getting your thick eyebrows. It is enriched with fatty acid, protein, vitamin, and antioxidant and helps in nourishing hair follicles. Use castor oil on a daily basis on eyebrow roots as it promotes hair growth and also ensures hair strands are thick and strong.

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2. Coconut oil


Coconut oil is as an amazing conditioner as well as moisturizer and is good for improving the blood circulation. Fatty acids present in coconut oil together with natural proteins in the hair prevent the hair from breaking. Different proteins as well as nutrients like iron & vitamin E in the coconut oil provides dense and thick eyebrows.

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3. Olive oil


Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and Vitamin A that help in the overall growth of your hair. Vitamin E not properly nourishes hair and vitamin A promotes the excretion of the sebum, which is our body’s natural source of natural oil that helps in the hair growth.

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4. Onion juice


Onion juice contains minerals, selenium, sulfur, C vitamins and B vitamin which are excellent for hair growth. It helps faster growth of eyebrow hair. Moreover, sulfur also improves the production of collagen tissue needed for eyebrow growth.

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5. Egg yolk


The hair of eyebrows is composed of keratin protein. Eggs are the best sources of protein. Keratin is the major ingredient in a hair growth supplement. The egg yolk is a good source of biotin which helps in the growth of the eyebrows.

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