Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Kajal Eyeliner


Eyes are probably the first facial feature that someone notices in you. They define the depth and antiquity of your soul. Out of all the makeup essentials, kajal is a staple that will be found in every lady’s vanity. A woman only needs kajal and lipstick to transform her entire look. A stroke of kajal is all you need to instantly brighten up your face. Right?

 Kajal Eyeliner

No matter what brand of kajal you use, what is more important is that how you apply it. There are zillions of ways of applying kajal and creating a different look. Only if you know how to apply it right, you can beautify your eyes. Keep reading this article to ace the kajal-rimmed look.

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Here we have lined for you the following:

1. How to Find the best Kajal for yourself?
2. Must do eye prep before any Eye Makeup
3. How to Apply Kajal In Less Than 5 Minutes a stepwise guide
4. Some additional but very important tips

1.Find the best Kajal for yourself

From smudge-proof kajals to darkest kohls the choices out there in the market are huge. The prices of Kajal also vary a lot depending on the brand. You can find one as per your preference, need and of course, budget. But there are some other considerations that you must keep in mind while shopping for Kajal. These are

Color of Kajal:

Forget black, now you have access to a plethora of color options in Kajal. While nothing can replace the classic black Kajal, try different colors for an edgy look.

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Retractable or Sharpen able Kajal:

You can either buy a sharpenable kajal pencil or a retractable pencil, completely your choice both of these works well.

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Herbal/organic Kajal:

Do not buy chemical-based kajal as they might harm your eyes and can affect your vision in the long run. Always go for hypoallergenic ones. Organic ones are the best.

Water-proof Kajal:

If you want the kajal to stay put longer without smudging, buy a water-resistant Kajal.

2. Prepping of Eyes Before Doing Eye Makeup

It is very important to prep your eyes before starting eye makeup. This includes

• Cleansing the area around your eyes and removing excess dirt or oil.
• Moisturizing the eyelids and skin around your eyes
• Wait till the moisturizer gets absorbed
• Apply an eye primer
• Proceed for the eye makeup

If you want to go for heavy eye makeup use eyeshadow of your choice, eyeliner, kajal and mascara etc. Otherwise after prepping our eyes you can apply a dash of kajal and you can get instantly transformed.

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3. How to Apply Kajal In Less Than 5 Minutes—Stepwise Guide

 How to Apply Kajal In Less Than 5 Minutes—Stepwise Guide

If you are in a rush and want to give a classy makeover to your eyes, this easy step-by-step guide to apply is a must read. We have made the process easy for you in the most understandable language. Let’s get started!

STEP 1: Glide That Kajal On

Let us begin with the most basic step. Apply a gentle stroke of kajal to the lower waterline.

NOTE: If your eyes are small, do not apply kajal in the inner corners of your eyes.

STEP 2: Layering


The secret to long wear makeup lies in layering. To make your kajal stay in place for the longest time, layer it up with multiple strokes. Start lining from outer corner to inner corner. The one common mistake that a lot of us do is applying kajal in the inner corner first and then move to the outer corner.

Now, apply as many coats as you want to give that deep color and definition to your eyes. You would see the instant difference in your look after applying kajal.

NOTE: If you have small eyes, apply kajal only on the outer corners as it will instantly open up the eyes making them look bigger and bold.

STEP 3: The Art of Smudging

the art of smudging

Well, this step is optional. It is to be done when you want a nice sultry-Smokey look. Use a smudging brush and gently smudge the kajal. Be gentle otherwise, it would not bring the desired results. You can layer up the kajal and smudge it for as many times as you want until you are content with the final look!

STEP 4: Don’t Forget the Upper Waterline

Who said Kajal can be used on lower waterline only! You can apply it on the upper waterline for a more edgy look. Apply it on the roots of the lashes to darken them and give a nice outline. This trick will make your eyes bigger and beautiful.

STEP 5: Work on The Upper Eyelid

Work on The Upper Eyelid

You can stop at step 4 if you want to keep it simple. But if you are up for a rather sophisticated look, do as we say here.

Draw kajal from outer to inner corner and apply multiple strokes to make it thicker and darker. Layer it up until you get the desired dark shade. Apply mascara, if you want your lashes to look bigger and thicker. You may even apply a nude eye shadow for a subtle-yet-glamorous look.

STEP 6: Don’t Forget to Work on Your Eyebrows!

Eye makeup is so incomplete without well-defined eyebrows. Use an eyebrow pencil to outline your brows and fill them in for a sculpted look.

4. Some Additional and Very important Tips

• Never share your eye care products with anybody. By anybody means anybody! This can lead to eye infections
• If you wear contact lenses, make sure that you use only water-resistant and smudge-proof eye products.
• Never do eye makeup in a moving vehicle, for obvious reasons!
• Avoid eye makeup if your eyes are irritated or infected.
• Always buy a product after checking its expiry date.
• Never go to sleep with your makeup on. Remove it before going to bed with a good makeup remover.

So, ladies, next time when you are in a rush and don’t have time to apply kajal and eyeliner separately, you know what to do! This kajal eyeliner trick is definitely going to save you time and energy! Don’t forget to share your feedback with us!

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