6 Ways Of Applying Eyeliner According To Your Eye Shape


Eyes are the most beautiful and noticeable part of the face. And a perfect eye makeup has the tendency to change the overall look a person. So, it is very important to keep the eye makeup correct especially the eyeliner. Most of the people assume that an eyeliner can be applied only in a single way which is a straight line over the eyelid irrespective of their eye shape. But the eye shape is the most important thing to determine the way of applying eyeliner.

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Here check out the seven ways to apply eyeliner according to your eye shape:

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1. Hooded

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If you have hooded eyes then try an elongated cat eye as it will add definition and shape to your eyes. Try to apply thick eyeliner in the centre and thinner at the corner. This trick will help in making your eyes look bigger.

2. Wide set

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These eyes are the best because you can experiment different eyeliner looks with them. But for that, you need to bring the eyes closer together by lining your upper lash and lower lash close to the tear duct. And a slight touch on the outer corner that joins both the lashes. Don’t forget to smudge your lower lash as it will add more definition to your eyes.

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3. Downturned

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These eyes have a slight dropping at the outer edge. The hack to make these eyes look gorgeous is to keep them lifted by keeping the eyeliner simple and adding a slight touch at the outer edge which will make your eye look expanded and sharp. And you can also use a nude liner for the lower lash to create the illusion of bigger eyes.

4. Almond shaped

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Women with this shape of the eye are so lucky as they can pull off any eyeliner look. Though, the best one that suits their eyes is the winged eyeliner. Just start lining your eyes from the inner edge of your eyes and gently increase the thickness. Make sure it is thick in the centre with a slight wing at the outer corner.

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5. Deep set


The best eyeliner look for this eye is when you start lining from the outer edge. Try to start your lining from the highest point of the curve moving outwards like a wing. And one important never make your eyeliner thick or long as it will make your eyes look smaller.

6. Upturned eyes


This eye shape is quite similar to almond shaped eyes the difference between the two is the uneven upper and lower lid. Put more stress on the outer edge to create a lifting effect and apply liner with a gentle hand on the lower lash line.


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