7 Reasons Why Your Skin Looks Dull Even After Makeup


Makeup is one simple thing which can enhance your beauty by highlighting your features and covering the skin flaws. From concealing the dark circles to make your skin glow, makeup has a solution for everything. Still, sometimes the makeup can make you look dull. Well, this happens because of few makeup mistakes that you need to avoid. So, here we have listed some reasons why your skin looks dull even after makeup.

1. Applying too many products

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Yes, it’s true that makeup helps in enhancing your facial features. But, applying all makeup products at once can make you look over the top. There are many makeup products who have said to use bronzers, contour, and blushes together. But, it is better to use these products together only if you have enough time on hand. Instead, you should opt for multi-tasking products like CC and BB cream to prep up your skin and then, go ahead with contour and blush.

2. Skin without exfoliating

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If your skin is covered with dead skin cells, then you cannot apply makeup smoothly. It is important to exfoliate your skin as it helps in providing a great base for applying makeup. And after exfoliating, always make sure that your tone and moisturize your skin. And by following this simple tip, you can get a perfect makeup look.

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3. Opting for a wrong color

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This is a common mistake that most of us do while applying makeup as it very difficult to find a perfect makeup according to our skin. So, it is important that you take the expert advice on this particular aspect. Consult them and get yourself a perfect shade according to your skin tone.

4. Choosing the wrong lipstick shade

Choosing the wrong Lipstick shadesImage Source: ctfassets

If your skin looks dull even after makeup, then it means that you need to avoid some shades like nudes and browns. Go for a red lipstick that has the perfect shade and can add an instant glow to your face.

5. Not blending makeup properly

Not Bending makeup properlyImage Source: bustle

If you don’t blend your makeup properly, there are chances that it can make your skin look dull. So, it is suggested that you should always blend your makeup properly and try to invest money in good sponges and brushes.

6. Applying too much highlighter

Applying too much highlighterImage Source: wp

Yes, it is a trend to look like you are glowing, but that doesn’t mean that you apply too much of highlighter on your face. Try to apply highlighter in those areas where the light hits your skin naturally like cheeks and bridge of your nose.

7. Using the wrong shade of concealer

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Concealer is usually used to cover your flaws like blemishes and scars and choosing the right shade of the concealer is important. So, it is advised that you should opt for a shade which is one time lighter than your actual skin tone.

So, these were the few reasons why your skin looks dull even after makeup.

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