6 Mascara Mistakes That You Should Avoid 


Mostly every woman loves to use make-up. Before using make-up, you should know and understand the importance of using all kinds of beauty products correctly. As you already know, make-up consists of various beauty products like blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, lipstick, foundation, bronzer, and mascara. The most essential thing is that we apply these products properly so that it looks good and it enhances our natural beauty. Most women make some mistakes while applying mascara. Here are some-

1. Apply mascara on top lashes before the bottom ones


This is one of the most common tips because most women make the same mistake. So, when someone applies mascara to her upper lashes first, move to your lower lashes, because mascara on the upper lashes gets smudged. To avoid such a problem always applies mascara on lower lashes first and then on to the top ones.

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2. Pump your mascara wand


It is considered that if you do, it will dry your mascara faster. It also allows too much air to stick into the mascara tube that causes clumpy lashes.

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3. Curl the lashes before applying mascara


It is recommended that curl your lashes before applying your mascara. You should curl your lashes by using an eyelash curler and after that apply the mascara. It will maintain the mascara and boost your beauty.

4. Sleeping with mascara


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It is suggested that if you do the same, you might need changes in your routine. You have to avoid any damage to your lashes due to constant application of mascara. It is mandatory that you take off the mascara before going to bed. Furthermore, it is good to condition your lashes at regular intervals by applying coconut or olive oil.

5. Use of same mascara bottle


It has been observed that some women might think that using the same bottle of mascara for a long time could be a good idea. But, this is not true. Make-up products can possess various microorganisms like bacteria, thus causing infection. Therefore, it is advisable that you should change your make-up products at regular intervals, so that the chances of any infection could be minimized. In addition to this, it is also advisable that checking for the expiration date of the make-up products is essential.

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6. Stop sharing the same mascara


It is another vital tip. You should stop sharing your mascara wand as well as lipstick with others. Whether it is your BFF or college mate or someone else, sharing the mascara wand and using the same is an easy way to get infected that can lead to an eye infection. One of the most famous quotes is ‘prevention is better than cure’. So, stop sharing the same mascara or lipstick.

These are some common mistakes generally women do in their daily routine. Avoid the basic mistakes as mentioned above and keep your natural beauty.

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