7 Effective Makeup Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger and Beautiful


Bigger eyes generally appear to make you look younger and beautiful. We know that not all of us have dreamy big eyes. However, we can make an illusion by using some clever make-up techniques.

Here are some simple tips and tricks that support your eyes looking bigger.

1. Praise your eyebrows


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Your eyebrows make all the difference. Visit your salon at regular intervals, and keep your eyebrows in good shape. You have to follow the natural shape of your eyes. For those women who want to make their brows bold, keep in mind that you should maximize the space you have therefore it creates an illusion of bigger eyes. The commonly known fact is that bold and beautiful eyebrows bring attention to your eyes. The common difference between natural eyebrows and over-tweezed bridge is that the natural makes you look innocent, while the latter makes you look older.

2. Say bye to puffiness


The key to gorgeous and beautiful eyes is by pampering them every day. The swollen skin near your eyes can mould them look tiny. Here are some tips that can help to reduce puffiness around your eyes.

Take enough sleep, nearly 8-10 hours.

Wash your face regularly with cold water.

Apply used cold tea bags around the eyes as the tannins available in tea tighten the skin.

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Reduce the consumption of salt.

Do exercises regularly.

3. Say bye to under eye dark circles


Applying a concealer to cover up your dark circles will not make eyes look bigger and the dark circles should not draw attention to them when people are looking at your eyes. Therefore, this is a really important step.

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4. Use light neutral coloured eyeshadow


It is recommended that try to use neutral and light coloured eyeshadows. Go with the rule of contouring. Make it light colour for those areas where you want the light to reflect and use darker shades where you want to push back. Use light colour at the centre of the eyelids and bring them forward. Apply any product on the brush, and gently apply over the centre of the eyelids.

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5. Tightline the upper water line


This is another crucial step that makes a lot of difference. Take a black liner to tightline the upper water line. It provides the appearance of fuller lashes and aids to open up the eyes.

6. Do curly, fluttery eyelashes


It is one of the most recommended tips for women who want their eyes to look bigger and beautiful. It is further recommended to do it on a regular basis.

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7. Use the nude effect


It is a common perception in women that they can achieve big eyes by using black kohls or kajals. However, this is completely opposite. The black kajal makes the eyes look smaller and boxed in. The tip here is to go nude on the lower lash line.

These are some common and more effective tips for women who want their eyes to look bigger and beautiful.

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