All You Need to Know About the Rare and Unique Hazel Eyes


Hazel eyes are rare and a bit of mystery too. It is hard to describe this colour since it changes on the basis of what you are wearing and the lightning around you.

What Causes Hazel Eyes?

What Causes Hazel Eyes

The pigmented structure in the eye that surrounds the pupil and gives eye its colour is iris. The Pigment behind eye colour is melanin. Melanin is the same pigment this is responsible for the colour of our skin.

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Babies born with little melanin in the iris at the time of birth have blue eyes Within the first few years of life, more melanin develops in iris causing blue eyes to turn into green. Babies whose eyes go from blue to brown develop a considerable amount of melanin.
Those babies who develop a comparatively lesser amount of melanin get hazel coloured eyes.

Myths associated with Hazel Eyes

Myths associated with Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyed people are not only rare but also are misunderstood. Some common misconceptions associated with hazel eyed people are:

• They are more attractive
• They are smarter and sexier
• They make better lovers due to their innate sexual energy and aura.
• They are highly spiritual people
• They are more intimate than other people.
• Most hazel eyed people are born under a water sign.

Celebrities with Hazel Eyes

Celebrities with Hazel Eyes

Some famous names who have Hazel eyes are:

  • Jared Padalecki
  • Tyra Banks
  • Kevin Jonas
  • Emma Roberts
  • Alexa PenaVega
  • Ashely Greene
  • Hayden Panettiere
  • Dianna Agron
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Sophia Bush

And the list continues.

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Personality Traits of Hazel Eyed people

Some characteristics of people with hazel eyes are:

• They are approachable:

They are approachable

They are the most affable people you will ever come across. They make great friends but don’t approach them with balloons and roses on Valentines. They might not like it.

• They are adventurous:

They are adventurous

Yes, they take risks and they undertake the most breath-taking activity that there is. They enjoy wherever they are and with whatever they have.

• They are unpredictable:

They are unpredictable

Don’t assume anything. They will go exactly opposite to what you have presumed. They are highly unpredictable. So, keep waiting till they react than trying to gauge their reactions and proving that your predicting skills are not worth a penny.

• They are lazy:

They may be a little laid back in their approach but they do manage to meet the deadlines and will give you a tough time if you are their competitor and colleagues. So, despite them being lazy and you sweating it out, they’d still make the cut. No, they are not lucky but are good time managers.

• They are mischievous:

They act like little kids, at times. So next time things go awry, your candies go missing, your parents or boss cross, it is probably them. But they will have an easy time escaping the situation. So, these are the people who will comfortably pull off pranks with the most serious of people and get away with them.

• They are sensual:

They are sensual

Yes, sensual but not overpowering. But that does not mean they are submissive. They have a balanced personality, sexual and a personality to die for. They attract a lot of eyeballs and people stick around with them for quite a long time.

• They are short tempered:

They are short tempered

They are somebody who are hot headed and would heat like sand and cool down like water. They are stubborn when it comes to taking revenge. They may forgive but will never forget. So be careful with them otherwise you may not be able to deal with them when they are upset. You don’t want to spend your time and money in winning them back and then having them upset again.

• They will always be obsessed with their look:

They will always be obsessed with their look

You wouldn’t mind being around them since they always look presentable in public. They are very conscious of their public image so they put up look that will be appreciated by everyone around. They spend a lot on their dressing sense.

• They get pressurized easily:

They get pressurized easily

They become restless under pressure. They will have all the facts going on in their mind and they may soon explode like there is no tomorrow. But if they are able to manage their restlessness, they would be better in all their acts than most people.

• Their mind is as fast as a Cheetah:

Their mind is as fast as a Cheetah

Physically they may be laid back but mentally they are active all through the day. If you can handle their pranks, unpredictability, temper, you’ve found yourself a perfect mate.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

There is so much that we yet do not know about Hazel eyes. But we do know that are lot of people find this hue attractive and want a pair of hazel eyes. We do not suggest that you go for medical procedures for this to happen. Instead you can use coloured contacts and get the effect. And if you already have hazel eyes, try to accentuate the look with the right makeup and you are good to go.

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