Your Guide to Nail Art: Different Techniques and Some Amazing Designs


“Life is not perfect but your nails can be…”

Great nails don’t happen by chance

You need to make an effort

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And here is everything you need to know about doing your nails.

From back to school designs to dark and moody motifs, these nail arts will help you express sophistication and confidence

But before we go on to the designs, let us know about some techniques of nail art

I’m sure you’ll be thrilled to try them out

Just for you!

1. Painting with a brush

Painting with a brush

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A variety of brushes can be used but the one which is most suitable is the one with synthetic bristles. You can use different types of brushes, angled, line, flat, dotting, detail etc which can help constitute the different types of beautiful nail patterns.

2. Sponge Bobbing

Sponge Bobbing

If you want gradient and achromatic type of design on nails, use this technique. The finishing you will get after the use of sponge would be sprinkled and slushy. Any type of sponge can be used, art, paint or makeup or anything else depending on the design expected and the effect required. When the base coat is applied, it is left for drying. And then sponge is used with nail polish and applied on the nails. The sponge can be positioned according to the design you require. For removing extra edges, use acetone.

3. Stamping


When we talk about nail stamping, the image printed on the nail should be covered by stumpy layer of nail paints in the image plate. Then use scraper across the nail so that nail polish can be seen in the pattern as a residual.Then use a stamper in oscillation to cream the image and then the image is systemized on the nails.

4. Taping


Apply a base color on the nails. Then cut the tape in smaller pieces and apply it on the nails. The tiny pieces of tapes should be applied in those areas which need to be left in the base color. Then apply another coat of color you want to apply on the unified nail. Remove the tape gently.

5. Digi World Nail Art

Digi World Nail Art

These days there are digital nail art machines which are used by therapists or beauty salons. It is an automated procedure and it is not very time consuming to get the nail art look you desire. You could even get scanned photos or pictures from cameras to get them printed on the nails. The machines are very expensive ranging somewhere between 2000 pounds to 5000 pounds.

6. Stencil Method

Stencil Method

Make use of stencils implanted on dry coat of nail polish and works as the background for the stencil image. Place the stencil strictly against the nails. Similar to taping, wherein the entire nail is painted with a different colored nail paint. After sometime when the stencil dries, it is removed and creates a pattern on the nail similar to the stencil.

7. Airbrush Nail Art Technique

Airbrush Nail Art Technique

Airbrush machines can be used for drizzling paint on the nails. Combine them with stencils and stickers to get the look you desire. Apply the base coat first, then the stencil is allocated on the nail and then the airbrush machine helps in painting wishful design. Then the stencil is removed and acetone takes out the paint in case it got split.

8. Nail Art Stickers and Decals

Nail Art Stickers and Decals

It is another funky way to embellish your nails. There are so many varities of these on the market so you won’t have a tough time choosing them. But what you should be careful about is the placement of the stickers and decals on the nails. You could even add a tattoo, glitter, jewel as a style statement for your nail art.

9. Splatter Nails

Splatter Nails

Use a fan brush stroke for splatter nails. You could even use a toothbrush for similar effect. Get a splashy, colorful, cool nail graffiti look and avoiding mess from the paint.

10. Water Marble Nail Art Technique

Water Marble Nail Art Technique

In this technique, nail veeners are dropped in crystal clear waters and a pattern is constructed on the surface of the water. This gets deported to the nails. You can make many designs from it.

11. Sharpie nail art

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They resemble watercolor paintings. They look amazing. If you do ot have a dappen dish, write erratically on waxed paper or a plastic sandwich bag. But ensure that it gets dry fully before you finally add the top coat. Otherwise everything will be smudged and you will be wasting all your time and energy.

Some Nail Art Designs

• Purple Pink Floral Nail Art:

 Purple Pink Floral Nail Art:

What a delightful nail art it is. Wear it on a dull day and you will be able to brighten up your mood.

  • What You Need
  • White Nail Polish
  • Pink Nail Polish
  • Purple Nail Polish

How To CREATE this Look ?

  • Apply two coats of white nail polish as base
  • Make flowers with a thin brush using a pink nail polish
  • To add oomph to pink flowers, add purple nail polish
  • Finish with a top coat

• Colorful Clouds Nail Art

Colorful Clouds Nail Art

Such an adorable design it is. It is perfect for spring and summer

▪ What You Need
▪ An aqua blue-green nail polish
▪ Pink nail polish
▪ Light blue nail polish
▪ A brush

How to CREATE this Look?

▪ Except your middle finger paint all the nails with green blue color
▪ Paint your middle fingernail with pink nail polish
▪ Make vertical lines with a light blue nail polish as shown in the image on the middle finger nail
▪ After it dries, use blue green nail polish for creating more clouds on the light blue surface.

Isn’t it simple?

• Diagon-Alley Pink and Yellow Nail Art

Diagon-Alley Pink and Yellow Nail Art

It is a treat to the eyes. It is young, vibrant and trendy. It will brighten your day and your outfit.

▪ What You Need
▪ Yellow nail polish
▪ Nail art strips
▪ Purple-pink nail polish
▪ Peach nail polish
▪ Top coat

How to CREATE this Look?

▪ Paint your nails yellow
▪ Paint lower nail half with peach nail polish, diagonally across the nail
▪ Repeat with purplish pink nail, diagonally across the other way
▪ Apply a top coat and you are done.

• Gold Glitter Nail Art

Gold Glitter Nail Art

It is a fancy design and super quick and easy.

▪ What You Need
▪ Gold nail polish
▪ Black nail polish
▪ Pink nail polish
▪ Dotting tool
▪ A thin brush

How to CREATE the Look?

▪ Paint nails with two coats of gold nail polish
▪ Create pink dots on the corners with dotting tool
▪ Outline pink with black intermittently
▪ Apply clear nail polish coat

• Four-Leaf Clover Nails

Four-Leaf Clover Nails

It is super easy to create and it brings you good luck. That’s reason enough to try it out.

▪ What You Need
▪ Green nail polish
▪ A pale yellow nail polish
▪ A thin brush

How to CREATE the Look?

▪ Apply a coat of clear nail polish
▪ Add white strokes to the heart
▪ Using a thin brush, create hearts with green nail polish
▪ Paint the nails with a pale yellow nail polish for base.

• Strawberry Fields Forever Nails

Strawberry Fields Forever Nails

▪ What You Need
▪ Dark green nail polish
▪ A mellow-yellow shade or white nail polish
▪ Red nail polish
▪ Light green nail polish

How to CREATE the Look?

▪ As base, apply two coats of red nail polish
▪ With a thin brush, put dots on the nails with a white nail polish or dull yellow hue
▪ At base, create strawberry’s head with a dark green nail polish
▪ Outline dark green nail polish with light green to give it a 3D effect.
▪ Apply clear polish and you are good to go.

• Red and White Polka Nail Art

Red and White Polka Nail Art

▪ What You Need
▪ Red nail polish
▪ White nail polish
▪ Dotting tool or toothpicks
▪ Nail strips or tape

How to CREATE the Look?

▪ Paint your nails with white for base
▪ Place a nail strip diagonally across the nail and apply red nail polish
▪ Dip your dotting tool or toothpick in red nail paint and create dots over the white area
▪ Top it up with clear polish for glossy look.

We can continue on and on with so many different, unique and amazing nail art designs but it is beyond the scope of this article. You can even use your own creativity to formulate some designs on your own and if they turn out well, do give them a try. Hope you found this article meaningful and useful

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