6 Brilliant Drinks That Can Effectively Reduce The Effect of Aging


There is no way we can stop aging but we can keep ourselves good-looking and healthy by constantly taking good nutrients in our daily diet. Cosmetics like facial serums, toners, moisturizers, etc. are very commonly used for routine skincare. Apart from this, you can also drink some of the homemade drinks for the younger-looking skin. Keeping your skin hydrated is the best way to reduce the effects of aging.  You can also drink some homemade drinks which will sustain your youthfulness and add years to your life. You may be in your forties or sixties, there are some drinks that will help you to make your complexion looking radiant, glowy, and young.

1. Beetroot juice

Beetroot contains lutein which protects your body from free radicals and helps in fighting against wrinkles. Nitrates, a phytochemical that is present in beet juice gets convert into nitric oxide in the blood and help to widen and relax blood vessels. Beetroot is also a good source of minerals, potassium, and electrolyte that helps nerves and muscle to function properly.


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2. Lemon juice

This simple drink is rich in vitamin C, potassium & magnesium. When taken on an empty stomach it does wonder. It removes toxins from the body and stimulates the liver. When your liver function properly, toxins don’t end up on your face in form of acne. Vitamin C helps in fighting damage caused by free radicals and keeps your skin looking fresh. It also aids in the production of collagen which strengthens your skin leading to lessen wrinkles and fine lines.


3. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols. It is the most potent fruit juice. It naturally slows down the wear and tears on DNA due to oxidation. It can also prevent sun damage caused to the skin.


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4. Alovera juice

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Alovera is a commonly used soothing agent in case of sunburn & irritation. It contains essential vitamins such as A, E, C which are effective in anti-aging. Wound healing properties of aloevera helps in tightening your skin. Drinking aloe juice regularly has shown improvement in skin elasticity and wrinkles.


5. Orange juice

It’s a well-known fact orange juice is flooded with vitamin C which will boost your immune system & protects the body from various diseases and Inflammation. Vitamin C helps also helps you in looking fresh and radiant. As this juice is high in calories try to have it in the morning so that you can take a day to burn those calories.


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6. Cocoa

Cocoa contains flavonoids which lower the risk of diabetes, hypertension, dementia & kidney disease. It will also help blood vessels to perform properly. Epicatechins, a type of flavonoid present in it will keep your skin healthy as it increases the blood flow to skin along with a good dose of oxygen and nutrients. Always choose quality 100% cocoa, not instant cocoa products for better results.


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