Know More: 5 Ways Your Phone Is Damaging Your Skin


Mobile phones are no longer considered as a luxury. In today’s tech-savvy world it has become a necessity because now everything happens with a tap on your smartphone. After seeing this, we can definitely say that technology has made everything easier for us. Still, there are many harmful effects of mobile phones  on our skin. So, here in this article, we have shared some ways through which your phone is damaging your skin.

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1. Can cause acne

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Mobile phones are the breeding for the bacteria as they are more exposed to dirt and dust. And when it placed against your face all the bacteria and dust transfers to your skin which further leads to various skin related problems. So, it is suggested that you should always wipe your mobile phone screen before using it or you can opt for an earpiece for answering phone calls.

2. Premature aging

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Are you also the one who thinks that you are too young to get affected by signs of aging?Well, then it is the time to become more cautious. Because all the gadgets that emit high energy light like mobile phone, TV, computer screen can cause collagen damage. And it is also suggested that you should not keep your mobile phone next to you while sleeping.

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3. Tech-neck

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Looking down constantly on your phone can make you develop something which is known as tech-neck. This is caused because of the repetitive movement and because of which the elasticity of the skin near the neck is decreased. And to fix this problem, it is suggested that you should adjust your posture accordingly when you look at your phone.

4. Contact dermatitis

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Remember how your skin turns red after wearing the watch for a long time? Well, the same can happen because of your phone because they are made of heavy metal that contains harsh chemicals and exposure to these metals can lead to rashes and allergies. So, it is suggested that you should use earphones or you should cover your phone with plastic before using it to avoid skin infections.

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5. Spots

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Various studies have shown that overexposure of the lights from the phone screen can cause premature hyperpigmentation and age spots that can make your skin appear dull and uneven.  So, it is again suggested that you should use earphones.

So, this is how your phone is damaging your skin.