5 Most Common Mascara Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 


Most women make common mascara mistakes that affect their look. As you know, there are numerous makeup and beauty products like blush, concealer, lipstick,  eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, bronzer, and mascara. The most important thing is that we use these products so that it looks good and it boosts natural beauty. Most women make common mistakes while applying mascara.

1. Applying mascara on top lashes prior to the bottom ones


This is the best tip because many women make the same mistake. Hence, when people apply mascara to their upper lashes, move to their lower lashes since mascara on the upper lashes gets light. To avoid such issues always apply mascara on the lower lashes and then on to the top ones.

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2. Pump your mascara wand


It is thought that if you do, it would dry your mascara faster. It allows much air to stick into mascara tube which causes clumpy lashes.

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3. Curling the lashes before using mascara


It is recommended that you curl the lashes before using mascara. You must curl the lashes by applying an eyelash curler and after that use the mascara. It will help maintain the mascara as well as boost your beauty.

4. Sleeping with mascara


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It is recommended that if you repeat the same, you would need changes in your daily routine. You need to avoid damage to your lashes due to the constant use of mascara. It is necessary that you remove the mascara before going to the bed. So, condition your lashes at regular intervals just by applying coconut or olive oil.

5. Using same mascara bottle


It is observed that some women think that the use of the same bottle of mascara for longer could be a better idea. However, it is not true. Make-up product can have different microorganisms like bacteria, so causing infection. Hence, it is suggested you should consider changing your make-up products at a regular interval.

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