Top 7 Tricks to Gain Weight


The body shape of an individual is mostly depends on their genetic factor and that is the main reason why the thin person can’t put weight easily. We can change the human body up to some extent with the help of weight training sessions and by increasing food intake. We should understand that just as losing weight requires effort and time in a similar way gaining weight also requires effort and time. Before taking any weight training sessions, you should take advice from your doctors whether the advised weight gaining strategies are healthy & appropriate for your body.

Some of the main reasons for lack of weight gain are genetics, over exercising, not taking meals properly, and having a very physically active lifestyle. Underweight individual’s daily calorie intake is very less maybe they consume mostly low-calorie foods like chips and soft drinks. This will certainly not helps that individual to gain weight. You should follow some of the below strategies to gain weight.

1. Try to Plan Your Goal Weight


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You can make a diet plan according to the weight you want to gain. You can plan your diet chart and exercise regime according to the muscle weight you want.

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2. Take More Calorie Intake


I order to gain weight; you have to raise your daily calorie intake. You should add 500-1000 extra calories to your food consumption. This extra calorie you should take from a healthy diet and not from sugar & fats.

3. Stay Away From Junk Food


If you have a good basic metabolic rate that does not mean you should consume unhealthy junk food to get more calories. Instead, you should eat healthy calorie rich foods like nuts, avocados, raisins, tofu, etc.

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4. Take Snacks in Between Meals


Try to make habit of taking healthy snacks like fruits, nuts & salads in between your meals.

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5. Follow 70/20/10 Diet Rule


To gain weight, you should follow the 70:20:10 diet rule. This means in your daily calorie intake, 70% of it should come from proteins like eggs, meat fish & milk, 20 % should come from carbs like rice, potatoes, whole grains & oats while 10% should come from healthy fats such as cheese, peanut, and butter.

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6. Consume More Starches


You should consume starchy vegetables like corn, peas & sweet potatoes instead of leafy vegetables as they provide more calories. Also eating foods that are rich in carbs like whole grains offers you more calories and that will help you to gain weight.

7. Do Weightlifting


Weight training may help you to gain weight as it increases muscle mass. Weightlifting about 4-5 times a week will help to gain weight and will reduce your fat percentage. Due to this, your muscle becomes denser as compared to fatty muscles.

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