7 Ways of Preventing Makeup from Getting Cakey


A perfect makeup look is every woman’s desire. In order to get a good makeup and a natural look, we have listed few tips for you and here are few  tips to prevent cakeyness of makeup.

1. Choose the right shade


Always choose a foundation shade which suits skin color. There are people who choose lighter shades thinking it helps them look brighter. In reality a lighter shade foundation may make your skin look pale and grey. So, while choosing the foundation be sure that it matches skin tone after applying it on jawline.

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2. Keep a note of skin type in mind


Next thing to remember while buying foundation is skin type. For oily skin, you should apply matte foundation and for dry skin, apply hydrating foundation for a dewy finish. In other words, do not apply a hydrating foundation on skin which is oily since it will melt thereby allowing a  matte foundation which can form a crease on dry skin.

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3. Do not forget to scrub


For applying foundation smoothly on face , it is important to scrub the skin as it is helpful in removing the dead cells from the skin. And it also prevents the makeup getting cakey.

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4. Moisturizing as an important step in preventing the makeup getting cakey


It does not matter what skin type a person has, it is very essential to moisturize skin for getting a smooth base for makeup for a gorgeous and flawless look. Applying a good moisturizer makes skin look fresher and does not make it look too fake. Thereby it also helps makeup to look fresh for a long duration of time.

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5. Applying primer on face


Primer is important part of the makeup routine since it helps in filling the pores and fine lines and provides a smooth base for makeup foundation. It is the great option for women who have got too many pimple bumps on face. Different  primer types can be found in market but always opt for right primer according to the skin type.

6. Use color corrector


A sole use of foundation without a color corrector usage is enough. But sometimes it makes flaws look ashy. Therefore it is advised to opt for a color corrector if there are pigmentation or dark under-eye circles. This tip will help to get flawless look on face and will prevent makeup from getting cakey.

7. Foundation


For applying foundation, use beauty sponge or brush both. It is quite evident that sponge gives a smooth finish especially wet sponge since it makes makeup melt into the face skin and provides a smooth, beautiful and natural look. All required is just wet sponge and dab it on skin and smoothly blend the makeup foundation. After sometime, let the makeup foundation dry for few minutes before applying more makeup products on skin like makeup foundation cream to make skin look perfectly smooth.

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