Top 15 Hacks to Apply Makeup on Dry Skin


For every woman, makeup plays a very important in their daily routine life. This simple thing simply adds value to their beauty quotient as making them look gorgeous throughout the day. But when it comes to dry it becomes quite tricky because there are chances that your makeup can become flaky and dry with the passing time. So, in this article, we have shared some hacks to apply makeup on dry skin that will make sure that your makeup stays for a longer period of time.

1. Clean your face with mild cleanser

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The first and most important step before putting on makeup is to wash your face. And if you have a dry skin then it is suggested that you should opt for a mild cleanser. This simple tip can help you to maintain clean and clear skin without impurities.

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2. Don’t forget to scrub

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Exfoliation plays a very important part of the skin care regime  as this simple beauty routine can help you a lot in maintaining the health of your skin by removing the dead skin cells. There are various of scrubs available in the market, but natural scrubs are the best. Sugar and coconut oil scrub suits best for the dry skin. For preparing this scrub, you just need to follow these below-given steps:

• Take a small bowl and mix 2 tablespoons of sugar with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil.
• After preparing the mixture, apply it to your face.
• Then, rub on to your face in circular motions for 1 minute.
• Later, rinse off your face with warm water.

3. Moisturize your skin

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Regular moisturization of dry skin is very important. While applying the moisturizer try to focus on the driest parts of the face like spaces between eyebrows and nose. It is also suggested that you should opt for extra hydrating moisturizer as it can help you in maintaining the moisture of your skin. Thus, making it soft and supple.

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4. Start with the primer

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For a smoother base, apply primer on your face.  Once you attain the smooth base for the makeup then it would be easier for you to apply the makeup as it will not be stuck on the dry patches of your skin. Make sure you apply only two to three dots of primer on your face and then rub it.

5. Use cream and liquid foundation

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Dry skin needs a lot of moisture and for this reason, it is suggested that you should opt for cream and liquid foundation  as it keeps your skin moisturized and also prevents your makeup from settling into the dry areas of your face.

6. Now, apply an eye primer

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Eye primer is a simple beauty product that can keep your eyelid moisturized without making it look oily. After applying the eye primer you can easily apply eyeshadow and eyeliner.

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7. Lip balm

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Apply sufficient amount of lip balm on your chapped lips. This simple tip can keep your lips moisturized and will make it easy for you to apply lipstick and other lip products.

8. Apply liquid highlighter

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It is suggested that people with dry skin should avoid powder highlighter as it will not stay on your skin for a long time. Instead of this, use a liquid highlighter and apply it on your cheekbones, centre of forehead and chin. This simple tip can help you to get a natural and dewy look.

9. Apply liquid foundatio

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Take some liquid foundation and dab it on your face. You can rub it using a brush or your fingertips. But it is suggested that you should opt for a brush so that you can gently blend the foundation into your skin.

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10. Select glossy lipstick

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Use glossy lipstick instead of matte lipstick as they do not provide your lips with enough moisture. So, if you have dry lips then opt for glossy lipsticks.

11. Avoid loose powder

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Avoid using loose powder if you have dry skin as it can make your skin look flaky and dull. But if you have an oily T-zone area then you can dab some powder in that area otherwise you should completely avoid using loose powder.

12. Setting spray for makeup

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You can also use a setting spray to lock your makeup. And avoid using setting powder as it sucks all the moisture from your skin and makes it look dull and dry. So, if you don’t want to lose the moisture of your skin then it is better to use setting spray.

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13. Apply eye makeup

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As you have already applied the eye primer, now you will notice that you can smoothly apply the pencil liner. Still, if you feel that your eyelids are dry then it is better to use a liquid eyeliner.

14. Apply lipstick

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It is usually suggested that people with dry lips should avoid matte lipstick, but you can still apply it by applying a nice coat of lip balm. In this way, your lips will remain moisturized and will also prevent dryness.

15. Touch-up

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Make sure you check your makeup after every hour. And if you feel that your skin is becoming dry then it is better to apply a moisturizer on the dry areas. This simple tip can help you to get a fresh look throughout the day.

So, these were the few tips to apply makeup on dry skin.


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