Best Skin Care Tips for T – Zone


The T-zone is for those with combination skin, who finds it difficult to analyze which type of skin they really possess.

The T Zone is vulnerable area of the facial skin as it is highly susceptible to breakout and wrinkles, acne and pimples.

What do you mean by T-zone?


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T-zone is the area of face which is nose, chin, and forehead and also the area circling the mouth. This area is T-zone because it is shaped like Roman letter “T”. This region is mostly oilier because it is surrounded with higher number of oil glands than rest of the face and thus it remains sensitive to clogged pores, break-outs, and irritation due to sun rays exposure.

Do not get confused by the soft shine in this area. It  is the grease which attracts grime and more dirt .The skin is very greasy than cheeks, that is why it is often called as combination skin which is a very common phenomena. Therefore, it is important to give balanced approach to all areas of skin by applying different treatment to different face regions.

How to cure T- Zone of skin?


The T-zone of skin requires special treatment. As this area is embedded with black heads, excess oil, and acne, this area is visible, afflicted or not afflicted with various problems of skin. But with right methods and proper care one can minimize the affected portion of  T-zone and remove the chances of getting worst situation. Here are some of the things that you can do to minimize the affected area of skin:

1. Use the appropriate cleanser:


Dealing with excess skin oil can be a tricky process. And specifically T-region of skin, you need a cleanser specially meant for T-region of skin. In such scenarios, a gel based cleanser will give the best result and it will remove oil from pores of the skin.

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2. Make use of pore strips:


Pore  strips provide an effective way to clean out pores of the skin. It works best for people who have blackheads in their skin. Pore strips mixed with honey and sugar can be a very effective treatment to the affected areas of skin.

Firstly heat equal parts of mixture of sugar and honey together over a saucepan. Once mixture gets completely combined, cool it for several minutes, then apply the mixture to desired area of skin and allow it to get harden for 15 minutes. Then gently peel the strip away and rinse the skin.

3. Toner:


It is  the best way to use a toner after removing the strip from skin pore. It helps in shrinking the pores of skin

4. Remember using oil blotting sheets for the pore area of skin:


Oil blotting sheets are effectively used in removing the excess shine off the pore area of the skin. It provides instant refreshment to face and it can be easily tucked inside handbag without much issues.

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