Want To Lose Weight Naturally? Try These 5 Awesome Fruit Infused Drinks


Due to excess sweating in the summer season, your body loses some essential salts as well as nutrients. To balance the lost salt and nutrients in your body, you need to drink a lot of water. Is drinking only plain water enough to restore the lost nutrients and water? Can it really provide your body with all the important nutrients which it needs? Well, the answer to all these questions is definitely a no. You need to mix water with essential nutrients.

Several nutritionists say that infused water is very tasty and contains very less number of calories, hence making it one of the best health drinks.

Below is the list of some best-infused water. Read on the article to go through them.

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1. Fruity detox water


Some dieticians do not suggest consuming fruits juice and they advise the patients to add the sliced fruits in a bottle and jar filled with clean water and then allowing it to sit for some hours, and finally drink this water.

Direction: This juice can be prepared mainly using watermelon, strawberry, apple, kiwi, and citrus fruits.

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2. Lemon, cucumber, and mint detox water


Water is a quick fat burner and when mint, lemon, mint, and cucumber are included in it, it effectively improves the overall metabolism of your body and also flushes out all toxic products.

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Direction: Take slice lemon, mint, and cucumber, and put them in a clean jar of water. Also, let it sit for three to five hours and then consume it. To get the maximum result, you can also keep three-five bottles ready in your refrigerators at all the times.

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3. Apple cinnamon slimming water


Many people might have heard about this amazing recipe for the very first time. It is also thought a zero calorie drink. Also, here is the way you could make your zero calorie drinks at home.

Direction: Cut an apple into several thin slices and then add these to a jar of pure water. Also, add a few cinnamon sticks to the water. The quantity of cinnamon also depends on your taste. People may also change the amount of the fruits as per the requirement.

4. Aloe vera detox water


Aloe vera is great for health because it boosts detoxification of the body and also steps up the immune system of body, lowers the cholesterols, and blood sugar levels. It also enhances digestion.

Direction: Cut some aloe vera leaves into two and take out the pulp. Then transfer the aloe vera pulps with the lemon juice in the jar. Fill this jar with some water and allow the ingredients to infuse with the water for a few hours. Health experts also advise to drink it fresh for the best results.

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5. Lemon ginger detox water


Ginger is very beneficial in relieving pain and removing the body toxins. If ginger is mixed with some lemon juice and then water is drunk in the morning, it would improve the functioning of kidneys and stomach.

Directions: Take some lemon juice along with half knob of the ginger and then add the mixture to the bottle of water. Then let it sit for some hours and consume it early in the morning.

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