Spinach For Weight Loss: How To Use It


How to lose weight naturally is one of the most searched terms over the internet. And when it comes to natural ways what could be a better option than the right diet and exercise. There are certain foods that can aid your weight loss without demanding any extra effort. One such amazing food item that you must include in your diet plan is spinach. It can fasten your weight loss journey and increase your chances to burn some extra calories. It is a superfood with a great number of vital nutrients. Here are some ways in which spinach can help you to put off some weight and how one should include it in their diet.

How can spinach help you lose weight?


Spinach is rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. The spinach leaves are loaded with very high fiber content, generally higher than the other green vegetables, and is low in fat. Therefore, it also helps in maintaining the optimal calorie controls. The fiber and total calorie count keeps you feeling fuller for longer amount of time.

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It is also an excellent natural source of thylakoid, the chlorophyll-bearing plant ingredients which is known to prevent hunger by affecting the Leptin hormones. It is the hormone which signals body to stop consuming, also called the satiety hormones. One serving of thylakoids, especially when eaten for the breakfast, could impact the overall appetite for the whole day.

Low-calorie package


Spinach contains a lesser amount of calories, which is helpful to reduce your daily calorie intake along with providing required vitamins and minerals. According to some researches, 1 cup of spinach (raw) has only around 7 calories. By swapping it with high-calorie foods and including spinach in your diet plan, you can reduce the calorie intake up to 500 cal daily. One cup of raw spinach contains 15 mcg folate, 167 mg potassium, 0.81 g iron, 30 mg calcium, 0.86 g protein, and 24 mg magnesium.

Bonus fibers 


Spinach is rich in dietary fibers, which promotes better satiety. It is not completely absorbed by the body and keeps you full for a longer time period. It also contains thiamine, phosphorus, and vitamin K. Daily intake of these fibers aids your weight loss and works as an alternative to refined or food processed items.

Daily requirements


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Including spinach in your meal plan will help you shed extra kilos. Women often require a lesser amount of calories than men, but with spinach, there is no need to worry about excess intake as it is already a low-calorie superfood.

Daily intake must be calculated based on weight loss needs. For example, if the requirement is 1200 calories/day, look for 1 to 1.5 cups of vegetables. According to guidelines and reports issued for Americans 1 cup of raw spinach is equal to .5 cup of vegetables and 1 cup of cooked spinach provides you the nutrition of 1 cup of veggies.

From the above information about the exceptional nutritive qualities of spinach, you must be ready to include this superfood in your diet. Along with helping in weight loss it also serves many health benefits such as maintaining blood pressure, muscle function, and absorption. We advise you to add low-calorie food items to a weight loss plan and consult the best suitable options with a healthcare professional.

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