Try These Vegetables for Hair Growth


Vegetables are our great friends when we try to lose some weight, right? What do you think of dieting and all? These veggies are great for our hair. Vegetables and fruits for hair growth have vitamins, minerals, and fibers which are well known to help hair growth and also maintaining hair texture and smoothness.

Vegetables for hair growth

Let us see look at some of the most beneficial vegetables which can be included to your list of best foods for hair growth.

1. Green chili


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Green chili is a rich source of Vitamin E and keratin and is excellent for boosting hair growth. It helps repair the damaged cells of scalp and in turn promotes new hair follicles.

2. French beans


French beans are rich in Vitamins E and A. Vitamin E can be very beneficial for improving the volume and luster of hair. It even protects the hair from premature graying.

3. Curry leaves


Often less discussed, curry leaves are one of the best sources to check hair loss. Curry leaves has keratin that is considered a perfect tonic for hair growth and provides you lustrous hair.

4. Beetroots


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This red colored vegetable helps increase lycopene levels in your body, which has the ability to the rate of hair growth. This wonderful vegetable contains lycopene which helps stimulate hair growth. Besides beetroots, most of the reddish vegetables are essential for hair growth, as these may contain similar nutrient.

5. Garlic


Known for its pungent smell, garlic is a perfect tonic for your hair. It is desired to add this vegetable to your regular diet, as it has very few calories. Also, garlic contains is high in sulfur content, which is required for hair re-growth.

6. Tomatoes


Tomato is a rich source of antioxidants which are very effective cell-repairing agents. They may help remove toxins and impurities from the surface of scalp. You can either directly consume tomatoes or apply tomato pulp on the scalp for quick and better results. Tomatoes also help provide the shine and luster of hair.

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