How Celery Juice Is Good For Your Hair Growth?


Celery is a popular ingredient of salads that is usually used for garnishing. The juice has large amount of water as well as vitamin A. Both these ingredients are good for your hair health. It helps in keeping the scalp hydrated and also prevents dandruff, and nourish the hair roots as well as strands. It helps in promoting overall hair growth and boosting the texture of your hair.

Celery: Brief introduction


Celery juice has fiber, potassium, folate, vitamins C, A, K, and many other antioxidants. It has little amounts of calories as compared to other green juices. It is the most nutritious foods as you can either consume it as a vegetable or even drink its juice to get the maximum benefits.

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From detoxifying your body to maintaining the skin healthy, the article will highlight some of the benefits of regularly drinking celery juice.

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How celery juice is better for hair growth?

1. Nutrient-Rich:

Celery juice is highly rich in vitamin A as well as water. Both are primary needs for the hydrated scalp and very healthy hair. It helps in achieving the fine hair growth and also provides excellent hair texture.

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2. Boosts immune system:


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The immune system of the body has to be strong to resist any outside invasion of the harmful microbes or infections. The good news is the celery juice is packed with nutrients, mainly vitamin C to fight off any infections related to scalp or hair.

3. Controls inflammation on the scalp


Celery juice does away any kind of inflammation or skin issues when applied directly on the scalp or taken as supplement each day. A few studies showed that the celery juice also comes with many therapeutic properties that help reduce seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.

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How to use celery juice?

Celery juice when consumed properly shows great benefits. Below given are some of the best ways of having the juice.

  • Make a mixture with celery stalks after cutting the base and top the portions along with the leaves in one glass of water. The healthy beverage is ready to consume. Add a few drops of the lemon to add flavor to it. Seal leftovers inside the container and then store in fridge for further purpose.
  • Add this juice in soup and beverages prepared with some fruits and vegetables.
  • Make use of blender for extracting celery juice. Cut stems into many smaller pieces and pour it in a small blender jar with a fourth cup of water. Then blend until it is smoother in texture. Now, add some water until this appears concentrated.

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