6 Weight Loss Mistakes All Nutritionists Ask To Avoid Under All Circumstances


Weight loss mistakes: You have to avoid doing high intensity exercises recurrently. It can elevate risk of overtraining, burnout and injury. Here are some mistakes you have to avoid if you want to shed some excessive kilos.

There are a few mistakes often we make when it comes to weight loss that can really hamper the progress and mould to negative side effects such as stress, cravings and mood swings. For healthy and viable weight loss, it is always important that you should follow a holistic approach that persists within the long run. From practicing high intensity exercises to using only the weighing scale to measure your progress, keep reading to know common mistakes you need to avoid, while following a weight loss program.

Weight loss mistakes you must not do.

1. High intensity exercise too often

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According to Sam, avoid doing high intensity exercise too often because it is a mistake which you need to avoid. You have to maintain a balance during exercising. High intensity exercise can be done once or twice a week. However, it totally depends on your strength and stamina. Doing high intensity exercise too often can elevate the risk of overtraining, injuries and burnout.

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2. Use of weighing scale as the only success measure


This is one of the most common mistakes generally we all do during a weight loss program. There are some other tools to measure your progress rather than the weighing scale. These are also more reliable too. These consist of inch loss, clothes fitting to you, feeling of activeness, sleep quality and decrement in stress levels. These are signals that you are making progress in the weight loss journey.

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3. Set your calorie deficit low

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Creating a calorie deficit could be probably an effective way of making progress in the weight loss journey. However, the calorie deficit should not be very low because it can make you feel hungry and may reduce your metabolism, which in turn could delay weight loss.

4. Go for perfection rather than consistency

Consistency is always a key feature for not only losing weight but also to get fitter, leaner and healthier. Without being consistent in a weight loss program like following your diet and routine workout, results can be delayed than your aim. Do not go for perfection just be consistent and no need to push yourself so hard that you fall down.

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5. Skipping meal and snack


The amount of your snacks must not be equal to or more than the amount of your meals. You have to make sure that you take snacks an hour or an hour before your main meals. Taking snacks too close to the meal time can make you skip your meals. Skipping meals can elevate risk of nutrition deficiencies.

6. Not giving priority to sleep


Sleeping well is always more important than you imagine. Sleep-deprived people can eat more than usual. You can also suffer from hormonal imbalance due to improper sleep. It can delay the weight loss journey more than usual.

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