6 Brilliant Bridal Mehendi Designs for Your Feet


The mehendi plays a very important role in the bridal look of an Indian. When compared with the past, the bridal mehendi designs underwent various changes in recent time, which helped to bring out beautiful and unique designs which a bride can opt to adorn her feet and hands. There are many trends of Henna (or Mehndi) practiced across the globe, but when it comes for the Bride-to-be, it comes down to the traditional style of mehendi. Whether the latest styles are Mandala Henna or Reverse Filling Henna or jewelry inspired Henna, the bride looks best when her feet and arms are adorned with the classic style of Indian Henna. Beautiful peacock motifs, intricate detailing, and Groom’s name hidden in the Henna design, makes Indian traditional bridal Henna very special.

Henna plays the best and most important part of any Indian Wedding. It is not only a ritual, but it is also a celebration for the Bride-to-be. Contemporary or Traditional and the Henna pattern makes the personality of the Bride accenting her style and outfits. Mehendi plays an important role for a quintessential Indian bride and since the girls want everything about mehendi to be perfect. But, when a mehendi design is chosen by the mehendi artist it is bound to be beautiful but it is not going to be YOU! To add a YOU in your bridal mehendi, all needed is pieces and bits of personal elements from your life that make it unique.

So this article will elaborate some beautiful and unique bridal mehendi designs for the feet which a person carries.

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Here are the points mentioned below elaborating the same

1. Intricating mehendi


The ankle length intricating mehendi looks fabulous. If a person is a fan of intricate designs of mehendi, then he/she should definitely try out this design for the unique and fabulous look.

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2. Time to become creative


If you are looking for a design which gives the feet full coverage but with minimal mehendi design this lace style mehendi design is something perfect to be tried out for the fabulous look.

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3. Try something unique and interesting


If you do not want to cover the entire feet with a henna design of mehendi, then you can always just adorn the sides of the feet.

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4. Elegance mehendi design at its best


This charming vine design is the perfect symbol of elegance which one can choose their bridal mehendi look to be the best.

5. Just the toes design


If a person does not love mehendi, he/she can opt for this toe design of mehendi. Though it is minimal but always looks beautiful.

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6. Bands of intricate mehendi designs


It is the most common design; it is a very beautiful and interesting design for the perfect look.

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