Express Yourself with Smart, Expressing and Elegant Tattoos


Tattooing is something like getting fine arts and then putting it on your body for everybody to admire, respect and love. A sort of art which should not be taken for granted, getting tattoo is a great way to express yourself with portraits, pictures, drawings, images and lots more! No other thing can catch the eye and trigger awe more than a funky tattoo on a smart and fit body. It has turned into a style statement with deep impact. More than accentuating your physique, they help you to express yourself, your beliefs, your thoughts and your desires.

Once you get beyond the terror of tattooing procedure and attune yourself to the thought of allowing your body to act like a canvas to get permanent body art, the next crucial decision is for picking up the perfect tattoo design, which should work like an embellishment for your body. Since girls are quite choosy, some exciting designs for them include:

Star Tattoos – These sorts of tattoos are actually the oldest symbols, which have been given importance in both tradition as well as science. As these tattoos hold supernatural meaning, they have turned into a latest tattoo designs for girls. They further include heaps of designs like nautical stars, shooting stars, moon stars and lots more!

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Dolphin Tattoos – The friendly, cute aquatic mammal reminds all of us about exuberance and joy. This animal is a free spirited creature, which tells everyone the significance of having fun in life. Dolphins indicate benevolence and abundance. If talk about dolphin tattoos, they are simple and elegant-looking tattoos that can be designed in various shapes like horizontal, curved and oblong.

Vine and Flower Tattoos – Due to the rising popularity and demand of flower symbolism, floral tattoos have become the latest fad amongst girls. Some most commonly designed flower tattoos include rose, lily, lotus, sunflower, cherry blossom, daisies and peony. These sorts of flower tattoos can appear more adorable if combined with tendrils or vines.

Phrase or Word Tattoos – Phrase or word tattoos paired with striking font styles are popular amongst young women. You can simply embed the name of your loved one on yourself. However, when talk about having tattoo on leg, motivational sayings and inspirational quotes are perfect. In case there is a phrase or certain words which inspires you of doing better in life, you may get it tattooed anywhere on your body.

Heart Tattoos – Heart is a symbol of love, or you can say romantic love. Lots of young ladies prefer heart tattoo with their lovers’ name carved across it. The heart tattoos are available in different patterns, colors and shapes, reflecting a different and deeper meaning.

Butterfly Tattoos – We all know how pretty and delicate butterfly is. Since butterfly is somewhat associated with femininity, it is one of the most admired tattoo designs amongst girls. It is believed that tattoo design indicates good luck, love and peace!

For all those girls who were confused about which tattoo design to get their body inked with, aforementioned ideas can work for them. So wait no more girls; get a smart, funky and unique tattoo and make an abiding impression on others!

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