7 Best Spots in the Body to Get a Tattoo for a Woman


Are you planning to get a tattoo and aren’t sure where to get it, then probably you’re here to seek the answers. Tattoos are beautiful, but they should be done only when you’re cent percent sure about the tattoo design and place. They are permanent. The mistakes committed in the tattoos cannot be reversed back at any cost. Tattoo shouldn’t be followed by regret. One thing you should also keep in your mind, if you’re working, then you should choose a place that can remain concealed from everyone. Right? Thus, if you’re craving for a tattoo for quite a while, then wait for a few minutes more to choose where to get your tattoo at.

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One thing that you should keep in mind is that tattoos are painful. You will be having a needle poking your skin to introduce a pigment inside your skin. However, the pain depends on your pain threshold as well. So, here are the perfect locations for women to get a tattoo at.

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Inner Wrist
The wrist is the easiest of all. The time taken to recreate the design and the pain, both are less for this region as compared to the entire body. The aftercare of the wrist tattoos is also easy. If you want a low-pain tattoo, then wrist tattoos are the best for you. You can also conceal your wrist tattoo under a watch or a bracelet. But don’t wear the jewellery or watch till the tattoo has healed properly.

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It is also one of the least painful areas in the body to get the tattoo at. Ankle tattoos also look feminine with dainty designs. With an appropriate design, ankle tattoos can really look flattering. Ankle tattoos are very easy to conceal. Just a stiletto or a boot would do good.

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The Inner Side of Ear
If you like cute and small tattoos, then the inner lobe of your ear is the perfect spot. You don’t need to get the bigger designs here. The cost of the ear tattoo would also be less as compared to other tattoos. If you want small statement tattoos, then ear tattoo is something you would like to try.

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Behind the Ear
This is the most fashionable place where every woman is getting a tattoo these days. The pain threshold of this region is moderate. All, though, this portion of the body is usually concealed due to the strands of your mane. But when you’ll make your updo’s, they will really look flattering. You can extend these tattoos to the tail of your neck to make it look more sensuous.

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Inner Arm
Inner arm tattoos can look great, but the pain threshold of this place is more. Since there are more fat cells in this region, the pain during the procedure can be more. You can hide it under full-sleeves easily. Get a short quote written on your inner arm that blends pretty well with your personality.

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Finger Tattoo
They will hurt. But they look impressive, so one can overlook the pain for such a cute-looking tattoo. However, the tattoos are extremely small, so you don’t have to go through the pain for the longer time. If you like subtle and delicate things, then finger tattoos can be your thing.

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Lower Neck
This can be real top notch place to get inked at. But the aftercare of the tattoo is the real challenge. You have to stop your hair touching your tattoo, to prevent contamination. The tattoo artist has to be utter careful while doing the tattoo, as the needle might hit the spine easily. It hurts a lot to get a tattoo here. Be prepared for that. Don’t try words on the neck as they might not look much appealing. Choose the delicate designs that show your feminism right back.

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