6 Different Types of Manicure You Should Know About!


Manicure is the best way to pamper your hands. Your hands deserve all the pampering in the world. And why not? It is them that do all the works for you. After a manicure, your hands look just out of the world. Here are the different types of manicure you should know about. Choose the best for yourself.

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1. Basic Manicure
It is the simplest of all. Your hands will be soaked in the warm water, followed by a hot oil massage. After that, a base coat is applied to your nails. Then the main coat and the top coat! Tada! Isn’t it simple? You can even try it at your home.

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2. French Manicure
If you want a clean and elegant look at the office, without putting vibrant hues on your nails, then seek no further. The base coat is done with the neutral nude shade and the tips are painted white. This manicure is very popular these days.

Types of Manicure2Image Source: checkmynails

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3. American Manicure
They are almost similar to the French manicure. But the difference being that, they seem more natural. The tip of the nails is kept round. An off-white creamish shade is used to paint the tip.

Types of Manicure3Image Source: nasahs

4. Gel Manicure
Gel manicure lasts longer than any other manicure. This is due to the long-lasting property of the gel nail paint used. The nail paint doesn’t chip off even after the third week. In between each coat of the nail paint, the nails are exposed to UV light. It adds a glossy look to your nails.

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5. Paraffin Manicure
If you have dry hands, then try the paraffin manicure. The paraffin wax is infused in your skin which leaves your hand smooth and supple.

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6. Reverse French Manicure
It is just like the traditional French manicure. But in this technique, instead of the tip, the cuticles are painted with the lighter shade.

Types of Manicure6Image Source: ccm2

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