What Is Gram Flour or Sattu? Know The Health Benefits


No matter what we call this undervalued superfood of the Indian cuisine, sattu also called chatu or gram flour is definitely a must-have meal for everyone. When you go in northern and eastern towns of India such as Bihar and West Bengal, you would find the popularity for this superfood among the masses.

Depending on your choice, you will find small cart pushers and vendors selling the amazing food item in different forms of food and drinks.

You would even find the blue-collar workers, laborers, and taxi drivers, flocking at different places selling dishes made using sattu, and going through their full day with consumption of this morning drink!

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What is sattu?


If you are eager to know what sattu is, let me tell you that it nothing but roasted gram (chana), which is finely grounded to powder and then eaten in various different (delicious) ways. Yes, it does not take days of complex processing or several weeks of extraction. This just takes a few minutes to prepare it, when the raw ingredients are available.

You often find the pictures of body-builders on the packets of sattu and you believe it or not, many Indian body-builders include this superfood in their diet and credits it for their amazing health and physique.

A glass of sattu is an ideal food after heavy weightlifting and workouts in Desi Akharas and gymnasiums in several parts of India. It has 20 percent protein and other essential nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, manganese as well as iron.

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Health Benefits of Sattu


Having the instant energy boosting ability, sattu it is too popular in the tropical regions of many countries. A very high content of carbohydrate is mainly responsible for its energy power-up, and also it gets absorbed very easily in the bloodstreams. Also, nothing is better than the sattu to drink when you feel drained as well as exhausted in scorching summer heat, except an umbrella that unfortunately cannot be drunk.

As sattu provides a great nutrition to the body, it is best for persons of every age, from the kids to senior citizens. It gives you shiny and glowing skin and also helps you have healthy hair, keeping you away from parlor, for the natural beauty.

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How Can You Prepare Sattu?


If you wish to know the truth, let me tell that sattu is believed to be one of the most versatile ingredients when it comes to preparing various dishes. It has been considered a traditional dish of Bihar and every Bihari will love to eat whenever they are offered to consume it.

Litti Chokha is a favorite food for all people living in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. These are mainly flour balls prepared with sattu and then baked on the coal fire. This dish is often served with vegetable curry and spiced crushed potatoes. Stuffed pooris, kachoris, and rotis could be made of sattu!

The good news for people who have a sweet-tooth is that sattu could be also made into delicious laddoos! This is perfect for those health-conscious individuals who are cautious of their sugar consumption.