What is Cinnamon Water? 9 Health Benefits Of Consuming It


Cinnamon is considered as one of the delicious spices that exist on the earth. It is well known across the globe for its medicinal properties from ancient times. As per several studies, cinnamon is one spice which is well known since ages and is helpful to fight several disorders and health conditions. Cinnamon has been used in the baking processes and is helpful in beauty treatments. Cinnamon is found in its raw form which is known as cinnamon sticks. These sticks are used to make powder for the treatment of digestive problems, respiratory problems, and gynecological problems in ancient times. Nowadays, people use cinnamon oils for aromatherapy as it produces citrus and spicy-sweet aroma. It also helps in promoting overall health as it is considered a powerhouse of antioxidants and several other vital nutrients.

Here is a list of top 10 health benefits of drinking cinnamon with water:

1. Good For Weight Loss


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Combination of cinnamon water with honey used for weight loss, as it helps in removing all the toxins and detoxifying the system. Cinnamon water allows you to feel satiated and prevents junk food cravings and hunger pangs. This also helps in losing weight faster.

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2. Prevents Diabetes


Cinnamon water contains several vital compounds like polyphenolic compounds and antioxidants which can help in controlling the blood sugar levels and thus help in preventing diabetes. So, you need to try to include the healthy drink in the diet to monitor blood sugar levels.

3. Reduces Menstrual Cramps


Cinnamon water is beneficial for women’s health. Women who suffer from mental depression and stress during menstrual cycle, they can drink cinnamon water regularly to reduce mental problems along with menstrual cramps as cinnamon contains anti-coagulated and analgesic.

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4. Boosts Immunity


Cinnamon water is rich in antioxidants like proanthocyanidins and polyphenols which help in boosting the immunity. Cinnamon water has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral properties that reduces the chances of various ailments like respiratory illnesses and heart problems.

5. Relieves Toothache


Cinnamon water is very effective for problems such as toothache. You can apply a paste of honey and Cinnamon on your teeth and wash it to get the desired results.

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6. Improves Brain Function


Cinnamon water promotes brain function and improves memory. According to a study, it has the ability to reduce the progression of diseases of the brain like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Cinnamon water helps in increasing the concentration and focus.

7. Contains Anti-Ageing Properties


Drinking of cinnamon water can help you stay fresh and young for a long time. Also, cinnamon water has anti-aging properties that slow down aging.

8. Cinnamon Is Anti-Carcinogenic


As per the research on Cinnamon, it was found that it contains anti-carcinogenic properties that help in reducing the production of cancer cells.

9. Improves Hearing


Drinking of cinnamon water helps to restore hearing problems.

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