Best 6 Tips to Get Rid of Chipped Nails


Do you have healthy nails? Check your nails if they are smooth, spotless or without any discoloration. If no, do not worry they are healthy. Healthy nails do not have pits or grooves; despite of these qualities they may have vertical ridges. Cracked, brittle or split nails are sometimes a sign of a nail health issues. Continue reading to know what the causes behind the cracked nails are and how to get rid of it.

1. Apply nail paint on clean nails


The most important tip to prevent your nails from becoming frail and fragile is that you should always apply nail polish on unsoiled and clean nails. You should keep your nails clean and dirt free, as well as wipe off the oil and creams before applying the nail polish. Before applying nail polish, always ensure that your nails are dry.

2. Hydrate your hands


It is suggested to wash your hands on regular interval or after doing chores which affects the nails. Wash your hands with lukewarm water to maintain softness and smoothness if nails and. Do not forget to apply a hand cream after each wash. It will restore the moisture and hydration of hands.

3. Practice nail hygiene


Keep proper care of your hands to keep them free of brittleness and thinness. You should follow a regular nail maintenance routine. To keep your nails healthy and shiny go for manicure and pedicure. Whenever you work in kitchen, garden or doing works related to chemical, always wear gloves to keep your nails untouched from chemicals and dirt.

4. Never use harsh nail polish


Always use nail polish of good brand which do not incorporate unhealthy and toxic chemicals in the nail polishes while their production. The harsh nail polish will make harmful effects on your nails and decolorize them. Harsh products can also lead to the cracking of nails.

5. Keep cuticles soft


Keeping care of the cuticles is a tough part for healthy nails. Cracked, dry cuticles make the nails look messy as well as unhealthy cuticles can also cause pain. Cuticles are found on the corners of nails which remain attached to the skin of fingers. Cuticles are actually part of the skin and serve as protective barrier for nails. Massage with argan oil or olive oil to keep your nail cuticles soft and hydrated.

6. Use nail mask for cracked nails


Cracked and fragile nails make you embarrassed many times. If they get stuck in the cloths it may cause a pain to you. Keep your nails healthy by using a nail mask. Prepare your DIY mask by following these steps.

Take two tbsp honey, yolk taken out from one egg, two tbsp castor oil, one tsp table salt. Mix all the ingredients very well. Rub on the nails gently in circular motion. Let it sit at least for 30 minutes. Wash off the nails after 30 nails. Massage with few drops of olive oil. Try this DIY mask thrice a week to get rid of the chipped nails.