How to Deal with your Fragile Nails Easily?


Many of us have dealt with it and many are still struggling, handling fragile nails is a task in itself and so we must know how to win the battle. Caring for nails though is time consuming but when you know the after effects are going to be amazing and fruitful, you can invest that much time, can’t you? I have for a while, been observing that what works best for this and now have come up with some tips that will help you prevent your nails from breaking easily and keep them healthy.

Yes, now you can give your gal friends some serious envy shots within a week!

File in One Direction!

File in One Direction

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This is though some old woman trick, but it works! And so you must give this a try at least once please! Doing this will help your nails stay healthy and also won’t make them prone to breakages. So, allow them to stay strong and beautiful looking.

Keep your Nails Painted Always!

Keep your Nails Painted Always

A strengthening coat will help you keep your nails away from all the outer damages and also will keep them retain the shape. And if you are into something that needs constantly washing and painting then this is a must remember for you.

Wet Nails? Be Careful!

Wet Nails? Be Careful

Wet nails are the toughest to manage and they are the most fragile creatures at that time. So how can you manage them? Try and avoid any labour activity so that you can prevent them from breaking easily and wait until they get dry.

Use a Good Quality Cutter!

Use a Good Quality Cutter

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Using a bad quality cutter can make your nails look chapped and bad and so to avoid that you can invest in some good quality one so that any sudden damage to your lovely nails can be prevented.

Use a Good Conditioner!

Use a Good Conditioner

When, during night, you go to bed, make sure you apply some high duty conditioner to them like coconut oil. This will help them stay well managed and also you can keep the shine in! Try this for a week or so and you can notice results.

Huh! Seems like lots need to be done! Get ready with all the equipments and all the best! 

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