5 Brilliant Makeup Tips For Girls With Dusky Complexion


There is one thing that a lot of women still have issues with and that is their complexion. In order to deal with this, they try everything from home remedies to cosmetic treatments. Although, we feel skin color doesn’t define beauty and that’s absolutely true.

But instead, they should feel comfortable in their skin and try to enhance their natural complexion. The best way to do that is by using the correct type of makeup products which is suitable for their complexion.

To help out, all the dusky beauties out there we have come up with some makeup tips especially for you.

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1. Opt for liquid or cream-based foundations- You cannot afford to make any mistakes when it comes to picking the right foundation. Try to find a shade that matches your skin tone perfectly. The biggest blunder you can do is pick out a shade that is darker than your natural skin tone. Many women think that a light shade foundation will make them look fairer but it instead gives their face a ghost-like appearance. Also, never forget to blend your makeup down your neck for an even look.

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2. Keep your face matte- Once you are done applying the makeup don’t forget to dust your foundation lightly with a translucent powder for the longevity of the makeup. This will also ensure that your face doesn’t get too oily and stays matte.

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3. Use a suitable blush- Picking a blush for dusky or dark complexion is a tricky task. You want that natural flush on your cheeks and nothing too dramatic. For dark complexion, earthy and warm tones such as dusty rose, deep pink or corals, etc. are the most preferred colors.

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4. Picking the correct lip color- Just like all the other makeup products choosing the right lip color for your complexion are also very important. Deep colors such as plums, browns, magenta, blood red and wine are the colors that you must pick. Avoid picking out shades which are too light or neonish as these will further make you look washed out.

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5. For your eyebrows- Your eyebrows act as a frame for your face as well as your eyes. Your makeup will look incomplete if you do not pay enough attention to your eyebrows. You can use an eyebrow gel, powder or pencil to fill in and define your eyebrows.

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Along with that, keep in mind the occasion and time for which you are getting ready. Avoid wearing too much makeup when getting ready for the day time.

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