Want To Add Volume To Your Hair? Try These 6 Natural Tips


Who in the world does not desire to have beautiful and shiny hair? Glossy and dazzling hair locks can add so much grace to your personality while on the other hand flat, staggered, thin, limp and lifeless hair might do the total opposite. These are hundreds of products available in the market which seems promising to add volume to thin, flat and limp hair. In reality they give us the temporary satisfaction not permanent solution. So, if you want long term results then certainly the age old home remedies.

Tips to increase the volume of hair by care and by using natural and herbal products

1. Wash hair carefully


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First of all never ever wash your hair daily. It is a misconception that washing the hair everyday keeps them clean and dirt free. In fact washing your hair everyday can cause excessive dryness which leads to hair fall and damage. If you have oily scalp then washing twice or thrice a week should be okay. You should never use the shampoo directly from the bottle, first dilute it in water then apply on the hair. Due to pollution it is must to use conditioner after each shampoo. Conditioner should not be applied on the scalp, you must use conditioner only on the hair lengths. Serum, hair masks can also be used to retain the health of hair.

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2. Use Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera is an all time favorite natural hair remedy. When conditioners and other hair products were not invented, in ancient era Aloe Vera was the prime choice to keep them shiny, healthy and fizz free. It also provides nourishment to hair as well as it locks the moisture in hair lengths. Aloe Vera is sufficient to deal with the hair problems such as dandruff, infections, flakes etc. Most important property of aloe vera is that it contains proteolytic enzymes which play an important role to increase the hair thickness.

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3. Trim hair at regular intervals


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Trimming of hair at regular intervas is essential to retain the hair density and volume. As the hair grows, they get split ends and some damaged portions, which restricts the growth of hair. Trimming the split and damaged ends speeds up the hair growth and facilitate the increment of hair volume and density. Trimming of split ends restricts the further damage of hair. In the modern era haircuts also give an extra ordinary look to the person. Just go to a salon and tell your hairdresser that you want to give volume to your hair, he or she will give you a perfect hair cut which will look your hair dense and lustrous.

4. Apply eggs on hair


Eggs are rich in proteins and minerals which are required for the proper growth of hair. Our hair are dead cells and contain keratin protein which makes about 75% part of hair, therefore egg protein helps in nourishment of hair. Eggs are good for hair growth and to keep them shiny. Make a DIY mask with egg and apply it on hair for effective results. Take 2 eggs, break it to take out the yellow part and 2 tbsp full Aloe Vera gel extracted naturally. Mix both contents well. Take a brush and apply the paste on the scalp properly. Let it sit for 20 -25 minutes and then rinse your hair well. Do not wash with shampoo at least for a day. You will see positive effects after few weeks.

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5. Use fenugreek seeds


Fenugreek seeds are rich in Vitamin C which is useful to replenish dryness from hair and give volume to the hair. These seeds also contain proteins which fight against the hair loss. Nicotinic acid present in seeds is also helpful to increase the hair density and repair the damage.

6. De-stress yourself


Stress is a big problem of the current generation. Stress is the major cause of hair fall and graying. Practice yoga or meditation to keep you calm. It will increase blood flow up to the scalp which will rescue the decrement of hair volume and density.

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