Top 4 Body Oils To Get Rid Of Dry Skin In Winter


Your face needs moisturization to maintain its overall healthy and similarly our body parts also need moisture for maintaining their elasticity and softness. In winters, the skin becomes extra dry due to cold winter wind and low humidity in atmosphere. People having dry skin are more affected.

Most people would choose a body lotion to restore the lost moisture of body. But they do not realize that many of the body lotions only sit on top of the skin and do not get absorbed deep in the skin and very soon get wiped off. On contrary to this, the organic oil gets absorbed easily and quickly in our skin so moisturizing it from inside. Unlike those lotions, the body oils do not have any harsh chemicals as well as added preservatives.

1. Olive Oil


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Olive oil is very rich in main antioxidants, such as vitamin E, polyphenol, and phytosterol, which when used topically effectively protects your skin from early signs of aging. Also, the vitamin E present in olive oil would ensure that the smoothness of skin is also maintained and also protects your skin from the UV radiations of the sun. In addition, another great compound called hydroxytyrosol is also found in the olive oil that prevents your skin from any damage caused due to harmful free radicals.

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2. Coconut Oil


For ages, coconut oil always has been a favorite ingredient in almost every household in the country. From hair growth to cooking, it is used in almost everything. Also, the coconut oil contains various essential nutrients which may benefit your skin in long run. Not only this; the saturated fats in coconut oil helps maintain the overall smoothness of your skin because it helps in retaining the required moisture content and softness of the skin in the winters when the skin becomes very dry due to loss of moisture.

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3. Almond Oil


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Almond oil has been widely used by most of the people for various health benefits linked to it. Also, almonds were found to be first grown in Mediterranean and Southeast Asia regions. This oil is highly beneficial in promoting healthy heart as well as luminous skin. Besides this, almonds are very rich in important vitamin E, the monosaturated fatty acid, protein, zinc, and potassium making it extremely beneficial for the overall health and the skin.

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4. Argan Oil


Argan oil is also known as the liquid gold and is rich in vitamin E and A, and so has super healing properties. Also, argan oil is very rich in antioxidant, linoleic acid, as well as omega 6 fatty acids. Apart from moisturizing your skin, the argan oil has other great skin benefits due to its ability to prevent the growth of the warts, remove scars and cure some types of dermatitis. The moisturizing properties of this oil also restore the overall elasticity of your skin and also increase the overall growth of the new cells.

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