Should You Eat Curd at Night? Know What Ayurveda Says


Curd is a very popular food item and is always considered good for your health. But most of the people avoid eating it at night. What can be the reason? According to Ayurveda, curd is sour in taste and little difficult to digest and is also thought to create Kapha and Pitta dosha in the body.

During night time, Kapha Dosh is already present in high amount in our body. Therefore, if you consume curd in the night, the effect of the Kapha Dosh is also stronger. It causes several health-related issues in our body. It also increases the level of Pitta Dosh in the body, which often causes indigestion.

You must have heard from your grandparents that you shouldn’t eat raita made of curd at night. But these days it is the latest trend in wedding and parties that if you’re having dinner at night, you will get curd in food. You need to decide if you would like to fall ill by consuming curd at night.

When should you consume curd?

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If consuming curd is not good at night, it is better to avoid from consuming curd at the night. But if you are a curd lover and wish to eat curd somehow, add one pinch of the rock salt and black pepper and consume it.

You can also include some fenugreek powder to the curd and then eat it. Fenugreek when taken along with curd helps cure severe stomach cramps as well as indigestion.

You can also include honey, Amla, or ghee in curd if they are consuming it at the night. It will help regulate the digestion and then prevent Kapha formation.

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How can consuming curd at night harm you?

If you consume curd at night, it could harm you even more than you could imagine. It can cause fever, jaundice, anaemia, dizziness, blood clot, and skin-related problems.

So if you are a curd lover, it’s better you satiate your desires for curd in the day time.

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The question arises that what would happen after eating curd at the night? Eating curd in the night often reduces the digestive systems. The gastrointestinal system also becomes inactive and air of the body gets sluggish. For this particular reason, eating yogurt in the night could cause pain in the feet, hands, head, waist and any part of body.

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Curd can cause cold

Consuming curd has negative effect on immunity as curd is cold. If curd is consumed at night, quantity of phlegm in body can increase. It might also cause throat pain, throat problem, cough with the mucus, heaviness in head, colds etc.

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Joint pain may increase

If people who have joints pain start consuming curd at night, there would be a time when the joint pain can increase.

Fever may come

Consuming curd during the night can cause fever. The reason for this is the problems of pitta and air in body, feeling of cold, and body pain, which do not allow normal temperature of body to remain constant. This may often cause fever.

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