5 Edible Flowers With Surprising Health Benefits


Flowers are one of the most beautiful things on the earth. Flowers are thought as the sign of purity. We offer flowers in temple and give them as a sweet present. Do you know that these good looking flowers are edible? Yes, it’s true. There are several flowers which are also edible and are added in the preparation of several dishes. They are known as the powerhouse of several nutrients which could improve your overall health. Therefore, read on this article to know some health benefits of the edible flowers.

1. Rose petals


Rose is the most adorable flower which adds an excellent taste to the dishes. There is nothing to be surprised on the fact that rose milk is so popular. Rose petals are too healthy, and for this unique reason, people in the world add them in their regular diet. Also, it is considered that the ancient Chinese often used the rose petals for the treatment of digestive problems as well as menstrual disorders. In addition to this, these are low in calorie and also contain a very high amount of vitamin A and E which also keep the body nourished.

2. Lavender and chamomile

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Most of the people are aware of the popularity of these flowers as well as their benefits. Also, it is believed that the brewing tea with attractive fresh petals of the chamomile and lavender could provide you great health benefits. Both the flowers work very effectively in treating the digestive systems and also prevent the sleeping disorders.

3. Hibiscus


It is also believed that the petals of Hibiscus contains antioxidants which could help in lowering the bad cholesterol level in your body and even prevents the liver disorders. Regular intake of these flowers also helps in improving the complete state of the hair and skin.

4. Marigold


Marigold is also called calendula and is well known for its amazing benefits when used externally as this helps in treating several skin diseases. However, consuming the flowers provides a number of important health benefits due to the high content of flavonoids present in this flower which helps in preventing types of cancer.

5. Violets

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People are often fooled by the appearance as this amazing flower. It is also called the powerhouse of antioxidants as well as rutin which could help in boosting the overall health of the blood vessels. It also helps treat the respiratory as well as heart-related diseases.

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