Remember These 4 Things Before Applying Dark Lipstick


It is very difficult to take off dark lipsticks especially for beginners. It is a quite tricky job for ladies to find a good and perfect tone and the right way to apply dark lipstick. This article takes you through a few things which one should always keep in mind to get a smooth as well as natural end.

1. Prep your lips


Prepping the lips before applying the dark lipstick will give you a very nice and smooth finish. To do this, you have to simply follow a easy trick by lightly brushing the lips once in a week to get perfect smoother base for application.

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2. Buff lips with foundation


Once you are done with prepping your lips, the next step involve buffing your lips with a good quality foundation as this will help neutralize the lip color and will also help you get a perfect shade.

3. Line the lips with lip liner


After using foundation, line your lips. This tip would help you to add definition to your cute lips. You need to line your top, under and lower part of the lips and then blend it with a small cotton bud in order to have a perfect finish.

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4. Apply lipstick


Next, apply the lipstick using a soft brush and blot using a clean tissue. After this, place a tissue on your lips and  then dust some translucent powder on the tissue. Then, apply the lipsticks again.

Few tips to remember:

  • If you are new to this process, it is always suggested to apply the lipstick that suits your skin tone. Always avoid using deep rich dark lipstick until you get familiar with the application.
  • Always avoid the shades which make the teeth look yellow.
  • In some cases the darker lip shades can make your lips appear small so it is always good to apply gloss at the center of the lips which will give your pretty lips a fuller look.

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