5 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Diet Soda Drinks


Who just don’t love that fizzy and sparkling taste of the diet soda drink? Just a sip of the diet soda drink gives instant energy-like feeling. Can you hear that sound when you pop open the can or twist open the bottle of that aerated soda drink? Or the person on dieting feels that mental satisfaction after drinking the “diet” soda drink. But everyone misses here is the truth behind the concealment of it, being called as a diet-friendly drink. Honestly, the diet soft drink is not even a health-friendly, how can it become a diet-friendly drink? Just think about it.

Don’t worry we are here with some facts to make you aware of some unknown truths about the so called “diet” soda drinks. Continue reading:

1. Excessive artificial sweeteners


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The main misconception behind being it the most preferred drink is that people think diet sodas contain lesser sugar than other regular soft drinks or sodas hence consider it healthy for them to drink. But they are unaware of the fact that the diet sodas are actually packed with artificial sweeteners which make them even more harmful than the other soft drinks or regular sodas.

2. Weight gainer ingredients


The term “diet” written on the cover misleads the health conscious people most. Only writing the word doesn’t make it healthy and diet-friendly for anyone. Such aerated drinks will instead make the consumer gain weight at a faster rate. It directly targets the waistline and hips and accumulates the fat there.

3. Increases bone related issues


The excessive consumption of the diet soda can lead to various bone related issues. Osteoporosis is a medical condition which is caused due to the low bone density level. Regular consumption of “diet” soda starts to dissolve the bones, which make them weak and vulnerable to bone-related issue and even disorientation of the bones. This condition is mostly found in the female regular consumers.

4. Triggers the state of depression


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A sip of the diet drink can give you relief instantly but the bad effects are shown on the body with a course of time. As per the studies conducted by the researchers, it was found that “diet” coke initiates the state of depression in those who drink diet soda on regular basis. As the diet soda is rich in artificial ingredients it contains high amount of carbon and sugar. The excessive amount of these contents in the sodas is known to shoot the mind towards depression.

5. Zero nutritional value


The producer companies claims the diet soda to be rich in nutrients but it is the fact that such drinks are nothing but an aerated solution loaded with the artificial sweetener and artificial flavors. The aerated drinks and sodas contain zero nutritional values. In fact the sodas are rich in calories due to presence of carbohydrates used for the artificial sweetening. The calories amount lead a person to gain weight as well as it increases the level of cholesterol.

Other than the above mentioned facts, following are some other unknown truths about the diet sodas:

  • Diet sodas are loaded with acidic content which disturbs the pH level of the body and causes the extraction of acnes and pimple.
  • Due to presence of artificial sweetener diet soda risks the metabolic as well as the cardiovascular health of the consumer.
  • The acidic content of the diet soda ruptures the enamel of the teeth leading to its distortion with time.

With the above mentioned facts we can conclude that the diet sodas and regular sodas are not very different from each other as they both are loaded with unhealthy constituents. Both of them are harmful for the health.

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