Best Ways to Apply Bridal Eye Makeup


Weddings are the most important event in a woman’s life and women really want to look perfect on wedding day and eyes tell about the volumes and everyone can read the sparkling eyes of the bride to be.

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Tips prior to applying the eye make-up:


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1) Always get eyebrows done before the day of wedding. Getting the eyebrows done on the same day shows irritation and redness which could spoil the look for the entire day.

2) Always sleep well to avoid swelling and dark-circles under the eyes.

3) Buy products which are needed for eye make-up if a person doing it himself which includes:

Eye-shadow, brushes, Lashes-Curler or false eye lashes and Tissues and Foundation/ Concealer

Eye-liner, Mascara, Kajal or Kohl-pencil

Step 1:

Start by moisturizing and cleaning the neck and face completely. Combine a foundation which suits the skin type and apply it on the neck and face in a uniform pattern.

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Step 2:

Now apply a concealer on eyes, over the dark circles and dark spots to match the skin tone. On getting the flawless tone, proceed to step 3.

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Step 3:

Always choose eye shadow which matches the dress color and a golden color with combination of smoky black suits the dress colors. Use a good brand brush of high quality in order to apply the eyeshadow just over the lid, above the crease, starting from the nose-side and then move toward the outside.

Now apply another coat again from the lid, and give strokes towards the eye corner and blend the shade well. This method helps in balancing the tones equally.

Step 4:

Applying kajal for eyes like it is usually done normally. Do not put on a thick layer of kajal since we are focusing on the lid more than the lower eyes part.

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