How to Prevent Premature Greying of Hair?


It is defined as graying of hairs before the 20 years of age due to malnutrition and cosmetics. Premature greying also happens if being transferred genetically to a person in his family.  Healthy hairs are a good sign of general well being. Hairs also serve as great tool hence coloring of hair affects the person’s appearance

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Factors which are affecting the early hair graying:


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People with white or grey hair are suffering from stress problems. It is very true that chronic stress causes early hair greying which is caused due to several problems like:


Sleep problems

Change in appetite

High blood pressure


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The genes surely do not affect surely. Just like other health issues genes pass the grey hairs to the young people generation. If anyone in parents has got white hairs at an early age then it is possible that a person is at a higher risk of developing a similar issue.

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Treatment used for Premature Greying of Hair


There is no further single treatment available for PGH. It further depends on the problem type which further needs to be addressed. PGH treatment from the deficiency of vitamin B-12 or hypothyroidism can be further treated through hormone and hormone replacement respectively. When the grey hairs are not much available, they can easily be plucked. Always rely on hair colorants for restoring the colour of hair.

Natural hair colours are also used which are prepared of false daisy, Indian gooseberry, and henna and lotus trees. Natural hair colours are hypoallergenic and they are not toxic and they can also provide a permanent solution to hair at a very cheap cost. But it can also damage the shaft of hair due to oxidation. Hence it always depends upon the person if the available risk is worth taking.

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