How to Take Care of Your Colored Hair Naturally?


Coloring hair is now no longer limited to gray exposure. There are many ways of using the hair dye to change the look of a hair. Regular salon for the hair touch-ups are expensive, time-consuming, and also causing damage to the hair.

Tips to taking care of colored hair at home

Always wait for three Days prior to washing of Freshly Colored Hair


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Do not wash hair for 72 hours after coloring of hair otherwise; the hair color will wash easily. The chemical processing applied to hair coloring always leaves the cuticles of hair cuticles open and being prone to the damage.

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Always use color protectant shampoo


The shampoo used by a person plays an important role in keeping the color of hair from losing its vibrancy. When a person washes their hair regularly they use a formulated shampoo for color-treated hair. It protects hair and balances the natural pH of hair. Color-safe shampoos always maintain the hair color and ensure hair doesn’t fade quickly. They also contain nourishing ingredients which repair and restores your hair. Avoid using shampoos with insensitive ingredients such as alcohols and sulfates since they will strip moisture and color from hair.

Shampoo the Color-Treated Hair fewer frequently


Washing the colored hair often causes color to fade and dye to leach out. Frequent washing also removes the natural oils from hair thereby leaving it lifeless. Wash your hair very often to prevent the hair from losing the color.

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Always use dry shampoo


Always use a dry shampoo which is color safe to soak the dirt, grease which will get rid of the gunk and grimy without stripping the color of hair color due to usage of frequent shampooing in order to store the natural color of hair.

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