Want to Lose Double Chin? Try These Top Exercises


Everyone wants to have a toned face? The skin loses natural beauty when you are at a certain age. At this point of time, facial exercises are very beneficial. These make the skin firm and also make you look younger. We bring some brilliant exercises that will help you reduce double chin.

1. Mouth exercise


This exercise makes use of the cheeks and lips. You need to make pout. Then move the pout in the right direction of your face and to get it back at center. Do this for about 10 times.

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2. Brow Lift


Exercising of the muscle forehead is vital. For this exercise, you have to make a victory sign with your fingers and then place the two fingers in end of eyebrows. Now, use pressure and pull skin with the fingers to bring this down. You do this three sets with 10 movements in each set.

3. Chin Exercises


For this exercise, keep your head straight and now move the lower jaw forward. Then, go back to your initial position. Do it 10 times.

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4. Face lift exercise

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This exercise works great in the upper lip and also prevents sagging. For this exercise, place your index finger on the cheekbones and now curl up the upper lip by putting pressure on the cheeks. Hold for around 10 seconds and repeat it 20 times.

5. Do- E


This is an effective exercise to lose your double chin. You simply need to make an E sound with amplified facial movement. It is an easy exercise which targets the nose and the upper lip area.

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