What is a Face Serum? What Are Its Benefits


Applying the face serums is highly recommended by dermatologists to get a complete skin benefit. It is basically a lightweight mixture of useful and active ingredients which can go deep inside all skin layers. In reality face serums are being sold at a very high price in the market in summers.

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Benefits of applying the face serum

Face serums protect, nourish and hydrate the skin, which is the very perfect step to be done after cleaning face before putting on a moisturizer. Using a face serum which works well on skin, especially on the problem areas of skin, it can further provide added benefits of skin as well. Following are the benefits of applying the serum on your face:

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For oily and acne prone skin


Face serums has a very light composition which further makes it easy to be absorbed in the skin. They don’t attract pollution and dust. Since it gets absorbed easily it penetrates into the skin deep layers and further nourishes it. This way round it also prevents breakouts, thereby the long term usage of face serum proves to improve the scars and acne marks. Higher ingredients concentration in serum has more visible effects. Serums are embedded with light ingredients and are better for people with oily and acne skin type.

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Easily absorbed in the skin


Face serums gets easily absorbed in the skin. Serums are composed of very small molecules, so the skin absorbs them deeply and quickly. The heavy and thicker ingredients in the creams form a barricade on your skin. A good serum further takes only a few seconds to get absorbed deeply into the skin. If it is captivating for a longer time than this, it further means serum is not a good quality serum or is up to the mark.

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