Why Is Raw Mango Juice The Best Drink To Treat Sunstroke?


Heatstroke which is also called the sunstroke is a serious condition common in the summer season mostly. During the summer season, the environment temperature is very high and extended contact under the hot sun causes the increased body temperature, followed by the serious symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, dehydration, and organ failure.

Aam panna or raw mango juice is an excellent refreshing summer drink very popular as a home remedy for treating heat/sunstroke.

In the following article, we will talk about why raw mango juice can be used as an effective drink for treating the sunstroke.

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Lowers body temperature


The very first indication of sunstroke is the increase in the body temperature. Raw mango has antipyretic effects, which helps in lowering the body temperature which might reach above 40-degree-Celcius caused due to sunstroke. High body temperature also affects the brain and causes seizure in the brain.

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Helps in treating the weakness


Sunstroke causes the body to lose salt and water thus leading to the weakness in the body due to excessive dehydration. Aam panna helps in hydrating the body and it further balances the electrolyte thereby treating the weakness in the body.

Cools the body

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Raw mango juice is an effective and easy way to reduce the body heat and further cool down the temperature of the body. This rehydrating drink is further filled with electrolytes and by consuming this drink it further cools the body, which often gets high temperature due to sunstroke.

Lowers heart rate


Sunstroke increases the heart rate due to extreme heat. Raw mango juice is loaded with magnesium and potassium and a unique antioxidant which is called as mangiferin which helps in lowering the heart rate and thereby improves the functions of heart.

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