Top 7 Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides to Be


Following are the pre wedding Tips for Brides

1. CTM


Moisturizing, Cleansing and toning should be done regularly which keeps the skin always glowing. A dirt-free and a clean face helps in keeping the pores open.

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2. Exfoliation


Exfoliation is the best way of getting skin that is free black heads and dead cells. Make sure of exfoliating the skin before applying a face wash twice or three in a week.

3. Hair and Facial Spa


Start applying the monthly facials at least six months prior to the wedding date.

Start getting a hair spa for shiny looking hair, once in a month at least six months prior to the wedding date.

4. Homemade Treatments and Clinical Sittings


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If a person has too many spots on the skin, then clinical sittings are important for getting a spot-free skin quickly.

Also try the homemade facial packs in order for maintaining the spot-free look.

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5. Feet and Beautiful Hands


Keep your feet and hands soft by massaging the olive oil on them before going off to sleep. This gets rid of the dry skin on feet and hands

Polished nails of feet and hands and feet give a beautiful look.

6. Hair Removal


Remove hair from hands and legs. Always keep eyebrows in shape. Sudden hair removal of the body part gives cuts or rashes. Maintain the bi-weekly or monthly process of hair removal as per requirement.

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7. Gym


Avoid aggressive gym schedules at least 1-2 months prior to the wedding. It can make a person look tired. Consult a personal trainer for a toned figure. Start the work out four months prior to the wedding in order to achieve weight loss, especially in the areas like thighs and tummy.

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