5 Fascinating Beauty Tips for The Winter Bride


Since the wedding season is here and so are the winters. And amidst a bit unusual health crisis, we all are dealing with, weddings have their own priorities to happen. According to me, winter weddings are the best ones. Unlike summer weddings you can do all your work without getting even a drop of sweat on your face, which to me is the most annoying thing.

You can wear whatever you want without thinking that you may get really hot in that dress. So, if you are a winter bride (i.e. you are getting married this winter) then there are certain beauty tips which might come in handy and make your winter wedding a much enjoyable experience. Here are the top beauty tips for the winter bride.

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1. Don’t experiment too much- When your D-day is too close to arriving, it can be a really bad idea to try out new beauty or skincare product or going for a new beauty treatment, facial, etc. This is because you never know what kind of effect these products and treatments may have on your face.

They may make you break out profusely, may irritate your skin or may lead to a skin reaction; and you certainly don’t want that just before your special day. Just stick the routine you have been following and do not experiment with any product or treatment.

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2. Make your appointments in advance- Winters is the time when a lot of weddings take place, so it is better to make your appointments in advance. For instance, as soon as the wedding date is finalized, fix your appointment with the makeup artist, hairstylist, etc. During the wedding season, it can be a real pain to get a perfect makeup artist at the last moment, thus get all the things together beforehand.

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3. Go for trials- No one wants last day blunder on their wedding day. To avoid any such situation, it is advisable to go for several trials in order to be sure. Also, get done with the things that you can get done before the wedding day such as getting your manicure and pedicure, waxing session, etc. Just keep the basic things left for your wedding day and nothing too complicated. This way you can save a lot of time as well as avoid unnecessary chaos.

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4. Make best friends with scrubs and creams- One of the most irritating things about winters is the dry and flaky skin. And since you are the bride every eye will be on you, examining you from head to toe. you don’t want your skin to show any signs of dryness. To keep the dryness at bay, use a good body scrub in the shower twice a week, and as soon as you are out of the shower, slather on some thick body butter or cream on your entire body. This routine will ensure that your skin is hydrated, soft and smooth.

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5. Finalise your bridal look- With so many choices to choose from, it can be very confusing to decide your look for the wedding day. But for this, you should go with your own instinct. Don’t ask others to suggest what would look best. Neither your best friend nor your makeup artist can suggest what to do. It is your special day and only you can picturise how you see yourself on the wedding day. Go with what you think would suit you the best.

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