Suffering From Diarrhea? Try These 5 Types of Teas


Health issues are becoming very common these days. Therefore always opt for normal remedy for diseases which can easily be cured without medication.

How does the Tea influence Diarrhoea?


Tea acts like an immunity booster in the body. It helps in fighting the inflammation and reduces oxidative stress, provides health benefits and further relieves inflammation hence, tea leaves offer a good medicine for treating the diarrhoea.

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Which Tea Leaves Prevents Diarrhoea?


There are plenty of teas which help in curing the diarrhoea further depending on the nutritional benefits and added ingredients.

1. Ginger Tea


Ginger tea is a very good cure for diarrhoea. It contains ginger rhizomes of plants which maintain a spicy taste. It contains the ginger compound zingerone, which improves the body digestion , increases the blood flow and decreases the inflammation.

2. Chamomile Tea


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Chamomile is the best tea to consume in Diarrhoea. It kills parasites and pathogens by providing the antibacterial properties.

3. Green Tea


Green tea is used for reducing weight. Antioxidants present in green tea treat the stomach ache and diarrhoea and relieves digestive problems. Green Tea along with the Cinnamon can be really effective for soothing the stomach. It helps in preventing the bacteria which carry diarrhoea symptoms.

4. Fennel Tea


It is very frequently used in healthcare centres which are holistic; fennel tea is prepared by heating the fennel seeds in hot water. It contains the anti-inflammatory properties which enable the stomach muscles to reduce cramps and relax during diarrhoea.

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5. Astringent Herbs Tea


Astringent herbs reduce water and mucous secretion and dry out the intestine membranes. It helps in curing the diarrhoea. Astringent herb tea is a great remedy to loose stools and the instant improvement in diarrhoea.

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