Love Rice But On A Weight Loss? Try These 7 Rice Substitutes


Rice is a staple food in the diet since most people love eating rice on a daily basis. The reason is it is tasty, easy-to-cook, and inexpensive. They have carbohydrates which is not good for health if you aim at restraining the calorie intake. There are alternatives to rice you can try for the healthy living.



It has become quite popular as many people change to quinoa. It looks like a grain but is actually a seed which offers a high protein content. Since it is gluten-free, many diet-conscious people prefer eating it instead of rice which has gluten present in it. Quinoa has the essential amino acids which the human body requires that are usually not found in other foods. It also has vital minerals too.

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Riced cauliflower


If a person is on a keto diet but cannot compromise eating rice then one can try riced cauliflower which has a similar taste and texture in similarity to traditional rice. It is low-carb variant rice with less calories. Riced cauliflower has 80% less calories than white rice. You can always try this since so many recipes are online available to prepare riced cauliflower at home. You can get it from the market too.

Riced broccoli


Riced broccoli which has less calories and carbs. When compared with white rice, riced broccoli is more tasty and nutritious. It has got all the good nutrients present in broccoli including vitamin C and fibre. Eating Riced broccoli boosts the immune system, promotes digestive health, and prevents the cellular damage.



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Barley is a grain with similar properties of wheat. Besides, its taste and texture are nearly the same as oats since it is very chewy. Unlike earlier alternatives mentioned, barley has the same amount of calories in comparison to white rice but the thing which makes it better and healthier is its nutritious profile and high fibre.

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Whole-wheat couscous


Whole-wheat couscous is pasta which has a great amount of fibre and protein. Their size is lesser than rice but it goes well with many dishes. It is very small and thereby it can be easily digested.

Whole-wheat orzo


Orzo is a small pasta which looks the same as rice. But it has more fibre and protein which makes it quite better than rice. The only drawback of this food is it offers very high calories in comparison to white rice and it might not be an ideal choice if one is looking for low-calorie options. Always reduce your portion size and eat wisely to enjoy the benefits of whole-wheat orzo Without the addition of calories.



It is the whole grain which has got the same flavor and texture to that of rice but has larger grains. It is a brilliant source of plant-based protein along with every single essential amino acid which is needed by the body. This grain goes well with all sorts of curries and veggies.

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