Best Winter Care for Hair – Tips You Should Follow


With approaching winter, many people have begun taking precautions against cold weather. This means extra care and moisturizing for skin which can become cracked, dry and piling on the layers to keep warm on bitterly cold mornings. Many people notice that hair becomes difficult to manage in fog, rain, and snow but no one knows about the actual damage that hair comes under during the cold months? With stylists agreeing that winter is the harshest season for hair. Here are the tips to keep hair looking healthy and luscious this year.

Watch out for Hair Breakage


Most people think hair breakage occurs when hair becomes dry which normally happens in hot temperatures. However, the cold weather can remove moisture from the hair in the same way, making it worse and leaving it rough, brittle, and more prone to breaking. Hair scalp also becomes chapped and dry which leads to dandruff in hair. Unsightly dandruff in hair makes hair dull as the flakes block the hair follicles at root, meaning moisture is unable to reach the hair. Making use of a deep and hydrating conditioner regularly is the best way out to replenish moisture in the hair. Also a zinc-based shampoo will remove dandruff from hair, unblocking hair follicles. The cold temperature with the wetness causes the hair to freeze which means breakage galore and split ends.

Covering up hair

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The best way out to protect your hair against cold is covering up hair with a hood or. A hat with a smooth and soft lining such as silk is ideal since it keeps the heat inside the hat and does not rub aggressively against hair as the wool does. The only problem with it is heat is trapped within the hat with no space to escape which can lead to hair becoming limp and sweaty. To avoid this try winding your hair in a messy bun so that little ruffling may not spoil the effect.

Preventing heat


One of the major problems hairs face during winter is the sudden changes in temperature. You go out from chilly outdoors to a centrally heated home in mere seconds and this constant and extreme change removes moisture from hair. Those who escape the cold for a few weeks on winter holiday to summer will also face similar problems when they return and their hair is being frazzled by the sun when exposed to ice and snow. Add heat styling products such as straightening irons to avoid dryness and hair breakage. Experts advise not to wash hair in water which is too hot during winters owing to much heat in it. You will somehow be exposed to heat at some point during winters, always take precautions such as protective heat styling treatments when using heat on hair.

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Using hair conditioner


Use deep conditioning hair treatment once a week, which includes coating the hair, sealing the hair with a shower cap and leaving the hair overnight to replenish moisture. Use conditioners which are rich in natural oils.

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